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Linux Desktop can be Integrated with ChatGPT Using Gnome Extension

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Been around for only a couple of months Chat Generative-Pre-Trained Transformer or ChatGPT has already made its mark. Millions have used it to get answers to different kinds of queries. To use it, people need to open a browser, then log in to enter a prompt. Seems, these steps could be skipped by people who use Linux courtesy of a Gnome extension from HorrorPills who is Rafal Mioduszewski.

The extension is meant for the Gnome display manager. However, the initial version is not working with Wayland fully. Hence, Xorg is to be used for now. HorrorPills also mentioned that mouse integration is buggy as of now, thus keyboard navigation needs to be done.

The extension can be installed by downloading the files via HorrorPills’s Github repository. Then they need to be copied to the right directory. Thereafter, the Gnome extensions application is to be used to enable it. Reboot the computer or log off and log on to your account to access ChatGPT from your desktop. Remember that you can use the program if you have an account and ChatGPT is not at capacity.

If you are wondering about the things that can be done using this extension. Well, you can do almost everything that you could and would do while using a browser.

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