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Can You Be A Part Of Facebook Ads’ Machine Learning Bit?

The pop ups on Facebook are not going to be a bother. Facebook ads have always been clever means to market products and services seamlessly. However, now Facebook has now decided to tell its users why they are seeing the ads they get to see.

The company released a statement that with the new tool users will get to see illustrations as well as explanations. The tech giant would be using machine-learning tools for finding the right topics for showcasing the right ads to users.

Meta also stated that it is updating all of the ad feature related deets that is part “Why am I seeing this ad?.”

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Users would get to see heightened transparency. Moreover, the users get to understand how machine learning setups work at delivering of adverts to users on Facebook.

Facebook Ads

An official word

The official statement reads that the modification is all “about how your activity both on and off our technologies may inform the machine learning models we use to shape and deliver the ads you see.”

This “Why am I seeing this ad?” Bit of Facebook is almost a ten year-old question that pops up as a person wants clarity on why an ad is being displayed.

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Over time, the company has introduced a number of means for its platform users to find more engaging and meaningful ads that are equally easy to use and understand.

An end note

A blog on the official blog site said that Facebook is trying to be transparent on how it uses the machine learning part of tech. It has started to do so because this ensures people begin to understand the types of info being used. The blog further read, “By stepping up our transparency around how our machine learning models work to deliver ads, we aim to help people feel more secure and increase our accountability.”

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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