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Block Ads In iPhone Games | Ad-Free Experience In iPhone Games

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To a certain extent ads are fine as they are an income source for developers. But Ads become annoying when they interrupt too much with your mobile or gaming experience.

You may have noticed that the iPhone offers certain free games such as Helix Jump or Crowd City. These games have an annoyingly high number of ads. Thankfully there are paid as well as free methods to block ads in iPhone games.

How to block ads in iPhone games

Although the iPhone does not have an ad blocker, there are various methods you can use to block ads in iPhone games.

Method 1: Adguard DNS

Method 2: Luna Adblocker

Method 3: Airplane mode On

Method 4: Wi-Fi and Cellular Data network settings

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Method 1: Adguard DNS to block ads in iPhone games

Adguard DNS reads the internet traffic and then it can block every game on your iPhone. This is the most simple way to block ads in iPhone games. Here are the steps to set it up.

  • Open your browser > search for Adguard DNS website > click on ‘Method 2’
Block Ads in iPhone Games 1
  • Tap on ‘iOS’ > further steps will open > Now choose ‘Download Profile’
Block Ads in iPhone Games 2
  • After the profile is downloaded > Go to settings > Click on the ‘Profile Downloaded’ > Click on ‘Install’ then follow the further instructions on the screen.
Block Ads in iPhone Games 3
  • After the profile installs, Adguard DNS will get active on your iPhone. In case it isn’t, this is how you can check it out: open settings > Go to General > VPN > DNS and Device Management > Tap on ‘dns.adguard.com DoH’  And you are done.
Block Ads in iPhone Games 4

Additional Tip: In case you want to undo the Adguard settings then go to DNS settings > Tap on Automatic and it’s done.

Method 2: Luna Adblocker to block ads in iPhone

Luna Adblocker is the most safe and trustworthy option as Adblocker. As there is no specific app for Luna Adblocker so it requires you to follow certain steps. Here is how you can install Luna Adblocker’s VPN profile and get its certificate.

  • Go to Safari on your iPad or iPhone. Now search for Luna Adblocker. (Make sure you use Apple’s browser)
Block Ads in iPhone Games 7
  • A search bar will appear > enter your birth year > click on Adblocking VPN profile section.
  • Now go to the settings on your iPhone > Go to the Profile Downloaded. (In case you see multiple alerts in your settings then tap on More then hit Profile Downloaded.)
  • Go to the upper right corner and hit Install > device will ask you to enter passcode > enter and proceed
  • Now the screen will alarm you by showing “Installing the certificate ‘Adblock Extension Root Certificate Authority’ will add it to the list of trusted certificates on your iPhone. This certificate will not be trusted for websites until you enable it in Certificate Trust Settings”. Click on install and then on Done.
  • Next, Go to Settings > tap on General > go to About
  • Scroll down and choose Certificate Trust Settings > slide the toggle to turn on the Adblock Extension Root Certification. And now you are all set to have ad free gaming experience on iPhone.

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Method 3: Airplane Mode to temporarily block ads in iPhone

Very basic way to temporarily block the ads while you are gaming. Access the control centre and turn on the Airplane mode. Here is how you can turn on Airplane mode without home button

  • Access the control centre by swiping down from the top right corner
  • Now tap on Airplane mode > it will turn on
Block Ads in iPhone Games 5

How to turn on Airplane Mode on iPhone using home button

  • Swipe from down to up on the screen
  • Control will show up > tap on the Airplane icon. And it’s done.

Method 4: Turn Off Wi-Fi and Cellular Settings

It is another obvious way to block ads on iOS. This way you can temporarily block the ads. Turn off the Wi-Fi and Cellular Data from your settings.

  • Go to the settings > scroll down tap on WiFi and cellular settings and slide the toggle.

This way when the internet connection goes off, ads will automatically won’t show up. And you can enjoy an ad-free gaming experience.

You can also turn Off Cellular Data for specific games

Block Ads in iPhone Games 6

This is an even smarter method to turn off internet access to gaming apps. This way you can stay updated with other app notifications. Here are the steps to turn off the internet access to gaming apps

  • Go to settings app > scroll down and choose Cellular/Mobile
  • Again scroll down > find the gaming app > and slide the toggle. And you are all set to enjoy ad-free gaming experience without having to install any other app.


There is no specific answer to how to block ads in iPhone games. There are numerous ways to do so. It depends on the user. If you want to block games temporarily or permanently. Then you can choose between installing an app for it or just turning the internet connectivity off. You can choose whatever method you like or find convenient for you. Which method you liked most and how is your ad-free gaming experience please tell us in the comment section.

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