Who doesn’t love to race? Oh don’t get too worried – we’re talking about virtual racing, not real life racing through potholes and unending traffic. As we become increasingly addicted to our phones and tablets for entertainment, we bring you a list of what we consider the 5 best racing games that you could download for your iOS or Android based mobile device and set the tracks on fire!

 Need for Speed: Shift: 

The classic favorite racing game’s now gone mobile, and the results are just splendid. Choose from cars like the BMW M3 GT2, Pagani Zonda and 20 other models, and drive through 18 different paths. Take in the amazing skylines of Chi Town, London, Tokyo, etc., both in the day as well as night driving options. You can even experience the squealing of your car’s tires as you race to the finish line.

GT Racing: Motor Academy: 

Yet another of our ever favorite racing games, you can experience the wealthiest rushing simulator on your Android device while playing this game. It’s got 3D features and many racing paths like the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, city paths, move paths, rate jewelry, etc. We especially love the Profession mode that gives players certificate assessments and a chance to compete in many famous rushing activities. This game also has multi-player options for up to 6 gamers to play at once.

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD: 

The latest in the Concrete series quite literally is capable of giving you a headrush. With over 42 vehicles to pick from, including Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ducati, etc., collect as many in your garage, and opt to race in the multi-player mode to make it to the top of the internet leader board.

Extreme Formula:

This one’s a more futuristic take on rushing contests, featuring four kinds of cars – Super Fuel, Power Water, Safe Nuclear, and Metal Heart. With shiny graphics, this game lets you customize your ride and compete for the Checked Flag event. Also included are numerous activities like Pro-Race, Profession, Quick Race, etc.

Raging Thunder 2:

This game has cross-platform multi-player support and offers stunning views of the Great Walls throughout the game. 3D design, fast moving, extreme game play, a user-friendly interface and 5 different single gamer activity ways are just some of the many reasons why this game makes it to the top 5 list.