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Unheard of Best Google Maps Alternatives in 2022

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We are all used to Google Maps, which is an excellent and intelligent mapping and navigation tool. However, several of us would like to be off this very public radar. Luckily, there are many alternatives to Google Maps.

The choice of a mapping tool depends on how a person uses it and plans his trips. Here are 7 Google Maps alternatives and we tell you why they are better.

Best Google Maps Alternatives

Given below is the list of 7 Google Maps alternatives and why they are a better choice:

i. Bing Maps

This is the second most used map app, the first being Google Maps of course. Although the interface is much like Google Maps it is leaner and cleaner. There are multiple layers to the maps–streetside, aerial, road, public transportation, and walking maps for people without cars. In fact, Bing also provides 3D views.

Here is a pro tip. Bing Maps are useful for people living in the United Kingdom, especially town planners, as they offer a full ordnance survey (OS) map of the UK.

Bing Maps


  • Easy to use, clean interface and navigation directions can be quickly seen
  • Plan and print maps easily
  • Add destinations while traveling along the route

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Easier to use
  • Cleaner with a modern interface
  • Extremely detailed map with different layers
  • Places can be saved to a personal library

ii. Mapillary

Launched in 2013, this app mapped 3 million miles of streets within its first 5 years. It aimed to go toe-to-toe with Google Street View. Today, it stands it stands tall as the app was launched in 2007 and has mapped 10 million miles.

This one is meant for those who like to challenge the standards along with assisting in creating a world map.



  • Three types of data to extract information: Object detection, imagery, map features
  • Scales as well as automates mapping using cameras, collaboration, and computer vision
  • For added privacy, it uses the face and license plate blur feature
  • Anyone can create and maintain maps

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Created by crowd-sourced contributors
  • Can be created using cameras and smartphones
  • Images are licensed to everybody who needs them

iii. HERE WeGo

The HERE WeGo app specialises in offering all types of transportation, including the subway, metro, train, bike, bus, ferry, etc. It helps to plan an entire road trip including where the vehicle can be parked if driving. Owned by a group of car companies including BMW, Audi, and Daimler, this map is updated daily. It offers a simple and easy-to-understand interface with no distractions.



  • Public transit information available for 1300+ cities worldwide
  • Offline and online maps for more than 200 countries
  • Cost display of cab fares and public transit
  • Deletes timestamps of navigations once you have finished using the app
  • Recommends different modes of available transport to reach the destination

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Much faster in sorting a route and initiating navigation
  • The user interface is larger on the mobile to ensure easy understanding at a glance, which is extremely important while on the move
  • Fewer distractions in navigation mode

iv. MapQuest

MapQuest was launched around the same time as Google Maps and Bing. It offers a mobile app as well as a web-based tool. Thus, the users can sync directions between their phones and computers. It lets you know how much fuel you will burn while traveling to a destination by car or calories if you walk.



  • Zoom controls, traffic, and satellite views
  • Location finder like hospitals, schools, grocery stores, etc.
  • Accurate travel timing with traffic information
  • Give directions from the current location by detecting the IP address
  • Detects construction sites, accidents, and traffic cameras

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Estimates fuel costs
  • User-friendly re-routing planner
  • One-button tool to find specific destinations and shops
  • Reservations for hotels can be made quickly with integrated tools

v. Rand McNally

This publishing company used to print physical maps made out of paper. With the advent of the digital era, Rand McNally went online as well with its maps and they excel here too. This is best suited for professional drivers like long-haul truckers because it offers business tools and technology connected with their driving platform.

Rand McNally


  • Simple user interface
  • Offers to see the contours of the land
  • Highly detailed map, displaying even the minutest map features

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Zooming is simple and quick
  • Locations can be saved to your library
  • One of the extensively-detailed mapping services
  • Superior satellite views

vi. Apple Maps

When Google has Google Maps, can Apple be left behind? Certainly not. Thus, Apple came up with the Apple Maps app too. Its mapping service allows users to have as much anonymity as possible. Users can enjoy the most secured mapping service possible with Apple Maps.

apple maps

It will broadcast the exact location of the user for 24 hours and then shall blur the same to grant privacy. Moreover, the saved locations are end-to-end encrypted so that even Apple cannot access them.


  • Pulls up information from yelp
  • Does not link data to Apple ID
  • See recently visited places
  • Shows busy streets, elevation, steep passages, and stairs

Why better than Google Maps?

  • In-app guide for shopping, exploring, and eating
  • Information available from Yelp Business
  • Offers more privacy
  • Real-time updates of flight information

VII. Maps.me– It launched its mobile app version first then went on to introduce the web version of the map. It is one of the best apps to download maps offline and one can download unlimited maps. The maps cover probably every square meter of the world. It has an easy-to-navigate interface. It can accurately find even small footpaths through areas in ambiguous locations.


It is best for people who travel to locations where proper Internet connections may not be available. Downloading the maps of the cities or places beforehand where you would be visiting saves data as well during traveling.


  • Once downloaded it functions offline completely
  • Uses a very little space in your device
  • Save and send maps to others
  • Auto-follow mode

Why better than Google Maps?

  • Easy to navigate offline maps
  • Downloadable free travel guides
  • Integrated subway and traffic layers

Hope you found this article on 7 Google Maps alternatives and why they’re better interesting and useful. Let us know in the comment section below which one according to you is the best Google Maps alternative.

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