Blackberry Blazes Into The Tablet Market With SecuTABLET

Blackberry SecuTABLET- way forward into future

BlackBerry has decided to look way forward into future. In the latest move, the company is now extending its product range beyond Smartphone. The Secusmart wing of BlackBerry has announced that the company will be unveiling a high security tablet SecuTABLET in Germany. The same is to be unveiled at CeBIT 2015. The tablet has been developed in collaboration with IBM and is based on Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5. The good point about this new innovation is that it can be integrated into existing SecuSUITE infrastructures. Personal Apps which are not secured like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and WhatsApp too can be used on this medium. The device is also undergoing certification at German Federal Office for Information Security. Once it gets a go ahead from this office, the devise will get a high security ranking from German VS-NfD. BlackBerry is taking this new innovation from its storehouse with [+more]

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Retina Macbook Air and Apple Watch to debut in April 2015

Steps To Get The 12-Incher Macbook Chime Tone On Macbook Air Or Pro

The long awaited Retina Macbook Air from Apple might be out soon. According to media sources, the Macbook Air along with Apple Watch is likely to be ready for mass production by the spring of 2015. Digitimes has reported that the 12 inch Retina Macbook Air which features Intel’s new Broadwell processor is on its way and could be launched soon. Noticeably, the Macbook Air was being rumored to be in existence since 2012 but was pushed back due to slow supply of components from the supply chain players. A Cupertino based company was assigned with the task of supplying components to Apple for the production of Retina Macbook Air but was not able to meet the supply demands put in by Apple, hence the delay. The new Retina Macbook Air will be ultra thin and lighter than the previous models of Macbook Air. Apple is reportedly planning to launch [+more]

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Flipkart Raises $700 Million, Valued At $11 Billion Now

flipkart backs out of airtel zero for net neutrality

India’s largest e-retailer, Flipkart has received an initial investment of $180 million from Hong Kong based investment firm Steadview Capital. This deal when matured completely will lead to bringing in of funding worth $700 million. This will raise the value of Flipkart to $11 billion, bringing it in the league of some of the biggest consumer companies in India. The rise of Flipkart can be understood from the fact that the company is now worth nearly half of India’s fourth largest IT firm, Wipro. Flipkart has been receiving generous investments in the recent past. In May, the company received $120 million from Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s DST Global and $1 billion from South African media group Naspers. All the existing investors including DST Global, Naspers and Tiger Global Management have expressed their interest in investing in Flipkart further once the current round of investments is over. An intense completion seems [+more]

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Sony In Trouble Again As PlayStation Network Hacked

Sony in trouble again as PlayStation Network hacked

It seems that the days of trouble for Sony Network are not likely to end soon. This time around, the PlayStation Network services have been hacked and have gone offline. Though the hacking episode lasted only Sunday, gamers had a tough time as they were greeted with the message of ‘Page Not Found’. To make matters worse, the gamers were also not able to play games online on the PlayStation Network. Sony however chose to react cautiously to the problem and said that the root cause of the problem was being looked into. The responsibility for the latest hacking episode was taken by member of a group which claims to be known as Lizard Squad. It is a matter of investigation though to see if the hacking has been done by an individual or a group. Sony had celebrated the 20th birthday of its PlayStation Network during the last week. [+more]

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Trouble Brewing For Samsung: Profits Plunge 60%

Is Samsung in some sort of trouble?

Samsung’s operating profits are falling by 60% and the brand is facing severe competition from low end manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei. Innovation is the key to success and Samsung needs to work on this aspect to rise to the pinnacle. Samsung seems to be heading to some serious trouble. Last week Samsung announced that its operating profits had fallen by 60% as compared to previous year. The revenue too has fallen by 20% in this period. Despite all this commotion, the profits are still in billions and share prices too have risen marginally. However, as the market is getting saturated, Samsung is being attacked by critics on all fronts. An official press release by Samsung confirms this notion as it admits to the fact that it’s operating margins had declined due to increase in marketing expenditure. Samsung is losing its market share despite selling phones for comparative fewer prices. [+more]

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Review: PC Specialist UltraNote II is in the Middle of Everything


The PC Specialist UltraNote II is a mid-range laptop manufactured by the UK-based manufacturer of mobile and desktop PCs. The machine is in the middle of everything. It is not very expensive but not cheap either. It is not very powerful but not underpowered. It scores high in design, usability and value but scores moderately in the features and performance department. The machine is equipped with a screen size of 15.6 inches and has a weight of 2.2kg along with a black and dark grey plastic chassis of 25mm. The UltraNote II is available in different price ranges with the low-end model starting at £387 inclusive of VAT and the upgraded model goes up to £516 inclusive of VAT. The machine is powered by a 2.6GHz dual-core Intel Core i3-4110M processor along with an 8GB DDR3 memory. The device’s graphics are supported by Intel’s HD4600, a chip that performs well [+more]

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Some Tips To Find The Best Laptop For You

best laptop

With so many laptops available in the market today, it can be quite a struggle to find out the one that is just right for you. Since you don’t have the option to make your own configurations in the laptop unlike the desktop and they are usually not upgraded by the company. So it becomes all more important to pick the right one so that it gives you all the features and specification at a justified price. Purpose of the laptop The first and foremost thing is that you have to identify that for which purpose you are buying the laptop. For business-cum-travel needs you need lightweight laptops, while for home and official use you require something midsized. If you are engaged in graphic designing, then you may require a big screen laptop. In fact, there are some laptops that are specially meant for gaming enthusiasts such as with better [+more]

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Cloud Note-Taking App Notability Finally Makes Its Appearance On Desktop

notability for desktop

Notability has been seen as one of the most desirable app for students who want to record audio of their lectures along with taking notes during the class. The app has been available on both iPhone and iPad for the last few years, and it has now finally made its appearance with all the same functionality on the desktop. The app was developed by an outfit called Ginger Labs, which also helped the hearing impaired people by developing an app called soundAMP. The app is flexible and can be synchronized with several inputs, thus it acts more than just a simple app to save text-based notes. This app enables users to save notes in iCloud that can be later accessed across devices. The users also have the option to export the notes to the supported file formats, including PDF as well as share with others who are also using the [+more]

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Samsung Creates Buzz With Video Teasers of Galaxy Note 4


Samsung has again created a buzz in the market regarding its upcoming next-gen phablet Galaxy Note 4 by releasing a collection of four “Love Note” videos on YouTube. The videos showcase four hip and fashionable folks who are using the phablets in their daily lives to scrapbook and sketch. The videos also show that how the device’s large screen size is benefitting each of them. The S Pen stylus is the common thing between all the videos. The Korean smartphone maker is widely expected to launch the next-generation Galaxy Note 4 flagship phablet at the IFA 2014 trade show which is scheduled to take place in Berlin in September 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is likely to be the first ever aluminum cased gadget in the market, if reports are to be believed. The device is also expected to have a perforated back cover. The device is also believed [+more]

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All You Want To Know About Microsoft Windows 9: Expected Features

Windows 9 release date

It is justified to say that Windows 8 has not tasted success because it did not work well with existing as well as new users. There is now a great possibility that Microsoft will soon come up with a new Windows that would be possibly called Windows 9 as the company is unlikely to come up with Windows 8.2 or Windows 8.3. Lets look at the Windows 9 expected features. Winbeta has claimed that the company will remove the Charms bar from Windows 9. The Charms bar is the menu that comes up from the right with buttons like search, share, start and settings. Winbeta has been quoted saying, “One method that we heard about that stands out is having a button up near the window controls that once pressed, would reveal the Search, Share, Devices and Settings charms from the top of the window (there’s no need for a Start [+more]

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