Need your fav Paulo Coelho book delivered today? Order from Barnes & Noble as the firm has now joined the league of Amazon, which offers quick and cheap delivery of books. Enlisting with Google, one of its rivals in e-book sales, both the firms together hope to knock over Amazon, which has always dominated the market of e-books. The partnership comes at a time when Nook business sees a stumble of 22 percent in the Q4 as compared to previous year. 

Barnes & Noble Joins Hands With Google To Knock Over Amazon
Barnes & Noble Joins Hands With Google To Knock Over Amazon

The alliance between Barnes & Noble and Google will benefit buyers in Manhattan, West Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting on Thursday, local Barnes & Noble stores will offer same-day online shopping delivery using Google Shopping Express.

Using the one-year old Google Shopping, users shop online from stores including Costco, Walgreens, Staples and Target to get deliveries within hours.

Amazon already offers same-day delivery at $5.99 for Prime program members and $9.98 for others. The firm has now outspread its same-day delivery services to ten more cities, up from four. Other retailers such as Walmart and eBay also offer same-day deliveries to buyers.

Let’s see how Google Express Service works. Google uses various courier services, which get hold of products from local stores as per orders. The courier guys sort and bundle the orders to deliver them within three- to four-hours.

Google offers free delivery to its subscribers. For non-members, it costs $4.99 per delivery, per store. Offering free membership for the first six months, the subscription fee of the service has not been announced by Google as yet.

The internet search giant plans to expand its delivery service to Brooklyn and Queens as well.