moto 360 powerful batteryThe Moto 360 smartwatch by Motorola is the most awaited device of 2014, and according to a latest leak by blogger Luca Viscardi the device would be equipped by a powerful battery that will last for about two and a half days on a single charge. Although it is not a very impressive feature, it will surely give Motorola an edge over its competitors.

This yet to be launched smartwatch will give us something different from that of the square-shaped displays of the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, which operates on the same software. The computerized boxy designs of the Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear 2 are no longer in fashion.

The Moto 360 has not been released yet and there is not much information regarding the price of the device as there is no official statement yet by the company. It was earlier rumoured that the device will be launched in July but the rumored date has come and gone without a launch.

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The ambitious Moto 360 is being termed by many as the Google’s best Android Wear device, especially when combined with customizable leather and metal straps.

Meanwhile, the computerized Moto 360 watch screen is likely to be equipped with a custom-made OLED display, which consumes as much as 40% less power when displaying black images vs LCDs as they can turn off individual pixels.

It is lot more important these days to have a device which has a good battery back up as no one wants to charge a watch before the day is out.

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