Latest iOS and tvOS beta releases also display the new Apple Beats Studio Buds. With this, Apple-owned Beats could be looking at releasing a new set of wireless earbuds. Interestingly, these Buds look starkly different than other Apple earphone products with the iconic ivory look and feel.

As per a leak reported by MacRumors, the latest Apple Beats Studio Buds are super tiny and have no hooks or wires as seen in its predecessors – PowerBeats or PowerBeats Pro. The new earbuds even lack the stem that is patent to Apple’s wireless AirPods. 

Beats Studio Buds Design

Beats Studio Buds are likely to have a generic design with a big Beats “b” since branding is close to Apple’s products. This is the first time a Beats wireless earphone product will come with noise cancellation technology. Additionally, they will be available in three different colour variants — red, white and black.

Tiny in design, the Beats Studio Buds are similar to in-ear earbuds from tech giants like Samsung and Google. They are expected to come in a matching oval-shaped charging case.

Apple Beats Studio Buds 1

Apple is also planning to update its main AirPods earbuds, and is planning to give it a refurbished design with shortened stems. Rumours suggest that the next ‌AirPods Pro‌ will have a rounded, compact design. It will probably be stemless.The one-size-fits-most fit is expected to be launched either by the end of this year or in the starting of 2022.

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Apple Beats Studio Buds Launch Date

So far, the company has made no official announcement regarding the Beats Studio Buds release date. However, several reports suggest that the Apple Beats Studio Buds are expected to make their debut only after the launch of iOS 14.6.

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