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Bose QC Earbuds vs Airpods Pro: The Best Noise-Canceling Wireless Earbuds

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Looking for the best noise cancellation earbuds? Debating Bose QC earbuds vs. Airpods Pro? Confused which one to put your money on? Well, here is a little help for you. We all know wireless earbuds are in great demand. With excellent sound quality and cordless experience, wireless earbuds are not only workout-friendly but also work as a great accessory. We have done a detailed comparison between Bose QC earbuds vs. Airpods Pro to make the choice easier for you. 

Noise Cancellation: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

Bose QC earbuds win this challenge as it utilizes the best proprietary noise-cancellation technology seen in Bose’s top-rated QC headphone lineup. Hosting eleven noise control levels, users can either cut themselves from the external noise and can even fine-tune it as per their preference.

AirPods Pro only has 3 options, which allow users to toggle between on, off, and transparency mode. It won’t be wrong to say that Bose QC earbuds are the compact, truly wireless earbuds giving tough competition to the best wireless earbuds.

Aesthetics: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

When it comes to design, both the competitors are quite different from each other. Apple Airpods Pro earbuds are all glossy with white curves. Bose earbuds are quite starkly, more trendy, and wear an ovular look. Bose QC is also available in different muted colours and Airpods Pro is only available in white finish.

Both have silicone tips that burrow into your ears to stay put during movement, and both come with three different size options. 

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Comfort Level: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

Bose QuietComfortearbuds are wearing Bose’s patented Stay Here tips. These ear hooks secure a tight fit and do not demand constant fixing. The in-ear stability of Bose qc earbuds passively blocks the outside noise. Airpods Pro are not designed with any hooks and do demand your constant fixing when worn loosely.

Battery Life: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

Bose QC wins this round. It has six-hour battery life while Airpods Pro only has a 6.5 hour battery support. The only saving grace here for Apple is the charging case that adds the overall battery support to up to 24 hours. In comparison, the charging case of QC Earbuds only adds additional 12 hours, still 6 hours less than Airpods Pro.

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Water Resistance: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

Bose QC earbuds are designed using “innovative” audio equalization technology and are sweat, rain, and weather-resistant. The AirPods Pro is also water-resistant and shares the same IPX4 rating as Bose’s QC earbuds.

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Price Tag: Bose QC earbuds vs Airpods Pro

Bose’s QC Earbuds is $279 AirPods Pro comes with a price tag of $249. Apple Airpods need a quick upgrade as Bose has already raised the bar. Bose is now taking pre- orders for QuietComfortEarbuds. They sound wonderful, a delight for audiophiles, and have arguably the best noise cancelling for true wireless.

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