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Shocking Revelation of iPhone 14 Release Date

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Apple is about to launch iPhone 14. The latest model is probably the best from this brand. Expectedly, the excitement led to leaks flooding everywhere. It is speculated to cost more and may arrive earlier than iPhone’s general launch schedules every time.

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Expected Launch Date

The grapevine is ripe with the rumor that the device will be introduced to the general public on 7th September 2022 and be launched for sale on 14th September 2022. Apple is notorious for launching its products on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, so the dates seem believable.

Bloomberg remarked on its website, “Some retail store employees have been told to prepare for a major new product release on Sept. 16.”

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Simultaneously, to confirm what we stated before, reports by BGR senior writer Chris Smith said, “Apple launches the new iPhones either on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. In this case, it appears to be a Wednesday, September 7th.” He further mentions, “Then, preorders start on the first Friday after the event. That’s September 9th. The release follows precisely a week after preorders… Apple will ship preorders on that second Friday and start in-store sales worldwide.”

Watch this YouTube video to know more:

Nevertheless, the timeframe shall mark the earliest ever launch of an iPhone since Apple’s decision to move the releases to Autumn with iPhone 4S over a decade ago.

This is one of the biggest surprises considering the chip shortage globally which hit all tech companies around the world and also pushed the release of iPhone 12 and 13 into October earlier.

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Latest update by Bloomberg

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg in his latest PowerOne Newsletter mentions, “As I reported last week, the company is planning to announce the iPhone 14 at an event on September 7th. He also states, “This will be the first iPhone launch since 2016 and will be followed by sales of the new device on September 16 – about a week ahead of last year’s schedule.”

Gurman reported that this is “an unusual day for an Apple product launch,” as Apple historically prefers Tuesday events. He thinks that it is due to Labor Day “because the press and other guests will need a day of travel after the Monday off.”

Gurman believes that this timing is scheduled to make more space between the launch of the latest iPad models and the October event for MacBook models. Apple is also going to get an additional week for iPhone 14 sales in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year.

In his words, “Another week of iPhone 14 sales should help the company easily beat last year’s $83 billion mark (in fact, analysts are already forecasting revenue of about $89 billion).”

iPhone 14 Release Date 1

Why is Apple in a hurry to launch?

To understand why Apple is in a rush, you may want to know the opinion of Ming-Chi Kuo, TF International Securities analyst. He tweeted, “The global recession risk is still growing and unpredictable, so announcing/shipping the iPhone as soon as possible may minimize the impact of recession risk on demand.” He further added, “Which could be one of the reasons why Apple offered a positive outlook for 3Q22 from the last earnings call.”

All these make sense since there are only a few competitors that can match Apple’s supply chain. However, there could be a casualty with this highly ambitious time frame. It is the cheaper version of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which is the iPhone 14 Max. It is said to be running much behind schedule and that too with limited stock for several months.

Thus, if you want to get on the train to buy and own this cheaper version of the big-screen smartphone, gear up to pre-order. The window opens on 9th September 2022.

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