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5 Methods to Transfer Photos from Your iPhone To Windows

Since it is so easy to click pictures using phones people end up clicking too many of them. Either due to lack of time or sentimental value, most individuals do not delete the images. And it starts to build up filling up the limited storage space. This issue can easily be fixed if you just transfer the images from your smartphone to your computer. If you are using an iPhone and Windows PC this article will guide you to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows.

How to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows PC?

1. Via USB

Plug your iPhone with your PC via USB. The phone would appear as a device on the computer. Double-click on the iPhone icon and go to the DCIM folders through the internal storage.

There would be one or more subfolders with a number indicative of the month and year the photos were taken.

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Open the folder you want to access the photos from. Open another window or create a new folder in the computer to keep the photos. Choose the photos to transfer and then copy-paste or drag-drop them into the new folder.

This may seem easy but it does not work reliably always. At times the DCIM folder does not show up and at other times, the photos may not be visible. To deal with such hiccups, disconnect and reconnect the phone to the computer again.

This is a general process to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC. The process may slightly vary from one version of Windows to another. For instance, for an older version, Auto Play will pop up upon connecting iPhone to the computer with a USB. For Windows 8, the computer will detect the iPhone and a pop-up shall appear saying ‘Tap to choose what happens to this device.’ As soon as you tap on the pop-up window, you will get the Import Photos and Videos option.

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2. Use the Photos app

Photos can be transferred from iPhone to Windows PC using the Photos app. However, this is applicable for Windows 10 and above. Connect the iPhone to the computer via USB. Open the Photos app and tap on the Import icon. Choose the option ‘From a connected device’.

The app would detect the iPhone and show the photos on it. The photos shall be imported to the Pictures folder by default. However, you can change the location by clicking on the link for ‘Change destination’ and choosing a different folder.

Tap on the drop-down menu and select whether you want to import all folders or something specific. You can choose photos by month or year. You can also select individual photos manually.

After you have made the selection for import, click on the option suggesting “Import [x number] of [x] items”. The photos will be transferred.

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3. Use OneDrive

If you are already using OneDrive to sync and back up files, then you can use it to sync and back up pictures from your iPhone to your computer. If you do not have it already, set it up by installing OneDrive iOS app on your iPhone. Open it and click on the Photos icon. Choose the Turn On button for Camera Upload.

You have the choice to allow access to all photos, selected photos, or no photos at all. Choose the appropriate option and accordingly, the photos will be updated and can be seen on the Photos screen of the app.

Open the OneDrive folder on your computer, choose Photos, and select Camera Roll. The Camera Roll will have subfolders for year and month. Open the folder as per requirement. You can either leave the photos in the One Drive on your computer or copy them to another folder.

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4. Use iCloud Photos

You can also use iCloud Photos to transfer pictures from iPhone to Windows PC. This will allow access not only on your PC but on other Apple devices synced with iCloud.

Go to Settings on your iPhone and choose your name. Click on the iCloud settings, choose photos and toggle to ‘Sync this iPhone’. If you want other people to share and access shared albums, you can flip the switch for Shared Albums.

Download the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store. Once installed, open the app and click on the Options key for Photos. Put a check on the iCloud Photos and Shared Albums option if not already checked. Select Done followed by Apply.

Open File Explorer and choose iCloud Photos. All the synced photos can be seen here.

5. Using iTunes

Update the iTunes app to its latest version if not already done on your iPhone. Connect the phone to the computer using a USB.

Unlock the smartphone if required. Click on the device image and brow the flies to choose the photos you want to move. Drag and drop the chosen photos to the iTunes files.

This article familiarizes you with several ingenious methods on how to transfer photos from your iPhone to Windows PC. Please share this article if you found it useful. Let us know in the comments section below if you are facing any issues with any of the methods and need further assistance.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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