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5 Best Privacy Apps for Android in 2021

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An essential companion, our mobile phone goes everywhere with us. The smart device holds a lot of personal information and can divulge a lot about our comings and goings, thus putting our very privacy at risk. Adding to the scare is the mobile phone hacks and online data breaches. It is best to have the best privacy apps for Android phone installed to safeguard the data stored in the mobile.

Why install privacy apps for Android?

Privacy apps ensure all credentials and personal data, including messages, call logs, images, and photos are safe and secure even when your mobile is in the wrong hands. Here are the top 5 privacy apps for Android you can choose from.

Best privacy apps for Android for Free

Bitdefender Mobile Security

Bitdefender tops the list of best privacy apps for Android 2021. The app not only provides protection from malicious virus but also offers protection from internet snoops. The app can be downloaded on both desktop as well as mobile and promises safe browsing experience by keeping your online browser history from being tracked.

Bitdefender Mobile Security

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The privacy app for Android also notifies users about dangerous websites, automatically averts malicious downloads, and blocks phishing schemes. It also comprises a personal firewall, which is a good tool to have while connected to public hotspots. 

Tor Browser

This browser covers your tracks as you search and browse online. The app works be keeping unwanted ads at bay and even wipes cookies away every time you leave a website. The Tor Browser makes it nearly impossible for adware to get their hands on your history to create targeted ads based on what you’ve searched for or bought online.

Tor Browser

Download the privacy app for Android 2021here.


This one is a free Privacy app for android that gives complete information about the apps you have installed on your mobile and tells you which apps are responsible for leaking your personal information on internet, spamming and other irrational tasks. It also allows you to remotely delete your data in case of lost.

clueful 1

Download the privacy app for Android 2021here.

Privacy Master – Free Applock

Privacy master is another trusted privacy app on Google Play Store. The safety app is pretty simple to use and hides all private information with just a single click.

Privacy Master

The app does not eat too much space in the smartphone and blocks malicious apps, task manager, USB plugins. It also has an in-built alarm that gets activated by itself in critical situations.

Download the privacy app for Android 2021here.

Hotspot Shield

This one is a VPN app and is a must needed if you use hotspot to complete your daily assignments. The app is designed to secure all personal information especially when connected to public hotspots.

Hotspot Shield

Since public hotspots give cyber criminals a free reign to attack, having this privacy app for Android will save your data from being stolen. It gets enabled automatically when the device is turned on and keeps your mobile information private so that cyber thieves can’t lay their hands on it.

Download the privacy app for Android 2021 here.

To ensure safety, you can also follow these steps:

  • Uninstall unused apps.
  • Do not sign in for any data-sharing systems
  • Turn off Google’s ad personalisation system
  • Add extra encryption for all sensitive files

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We hope the best privacy app for Android will help you in the long run. Do let us know if you need assistance with anything else. Our technical team would love to help you out.

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