The new Information Technology rules have created uncertainty in the social media world. With the government trying to control the content, Twitter and other social media channels are under the radar of the centre as the government does not want the world to know about the backlash it is receiving. This has led people to look for a Twitter alternative app to share their views, ideas, amongst other things.

The Koo app has become a new favourite amongst Indian users. This Twitter alternative is an Indian version of the microblogging site. Co-founded by two young entrepreneurs Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidwatka, Koo app won the Government’s Atmanirbhar App Innovation in 2020. The social media app supports Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi, allowing everyone and anyone to present their views at the open forum. 

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What is Koo app? 

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Koo app is an Indian Twitter alternative which allows users to share personal updates and opinion on the micro-blogging platform. The Made in India app enables Indians to express their thoughts in Indian languages with a strong-knit local Indian community. It allows users to share their views in their mother tongue and have meaningful discussions

Offerings of Koo app

The Twitter alternative app empowers Indian users to:

  • Share opinions and updates
  • Discuss their opinion on any topic in Indian languages
  • Follow Bollywood artists, journalists, politicians, cricketers, actors / actresses, activists, and other interesting people
  • View feed in Indian languages by seeing what other people are saying

Download Koo app here. 

Is Koo app better than Twitter?

According to an article published in The Indian Express, Koo app, available for Android as well as iOS users, has stronger networks compared to Twitter. The Twitter alternative came into the limelight after many ministers and political leaders decided to quit Twitter and switch to Koo app. Also, Recently Koo has been able to raise a whopping $30 million in Series B funding that will help the Twitter alternative in improving its engineering, product, and community efforts across all Indian languages.

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The main advantage that Koo app has over Twitter is the language offerings. While Twitter is English-dominated, Koo app gives everyone and anyone in India to express their views and thoughts on the social platform. It is not limited by the language and gives everyone a chance to share their feelings. Also, unlike word limit restrictions in Twitter, Koo platform gives 400 characters to post. This is because the platform believes that users need more characters to post in local languages.

Since Koo app is a part of the “Made in India” campaign initiated by PM Modi, all his followers have moved to the app, giving Twitter a thumbs down. Also, since Koo has agreed to comply with the new IT rules for social media, it has risen to prominence by offering a Twitter-like experience, but in local languages.

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Are you using the Twitter alternative? Do you think Koo app is better than Twitter or is it vice versa? Let us know your views in the comment section. 


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