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10 Strongest Tech Brands This Year

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Growing importance of tech

It goes without saying that more and more people are looking to technological solutions to implement in both their personal and professional needs. The unprecedented global conditions of 2020, which have filtered through to 2021 as well, sparked a new interest in the tech industry. This is as the majority of businesses explored various work from home alternatives. On a personal level, at-home entertainment and remote communication methods witnessed a boom. All of this was made possible through the use of technology, be it software and programmes or physical tech gadgets. Mostly because of this, industry insiders and experts believed that the evidently growing interest in tech brands and companies may just continue in years to come, despite the instability that all industries and sectors experienced because of 2020. However, unlike other industries, the tech industry was amongst the few that were able to capitalise on the uncertainty, to an extent.

Leading tech brands in 2021

Leading tech brands in 2021

When one thinks of the tech industry and some of the brands that have dominated the sector for years, certain world-renowned names immediately come to mind. These include Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google), just to name a few. Although they are amongst the strongest tech brands in the world, they are not necessarily listed with other tech giants on the FTSE 100, which is a UK-focused index, as they form part of the Nasdaq 100. As expected, these brands continue to be ranked as some of the strongest tech brands each year, as seen in the list below of the top 10 for 2021. According to reports, these brands continue to retain their positions because of new innovations, products and services, and their ability to meet customer needs in an ever-changing world. In previous years, the list comprised US-based brands, but this year, Asian companies are said to be giving them a run for their money and proving to be tough competition.

  • Apple – $260.174 billion

Revered for its innovation and aspirational nature, Apple continues to introduce new models of its products each year, be it iPhones, MacBooks or accessories, amongst others.

  • Samsung Electronics – $197.705 billion

Reportedly the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturing company, Samsung is Apple’s biggest competitor in the mobile phone segment. For those who desire opulence and luxury but do not necessarily have the budget for an iPhone, Samsung’s wide range of smartphones are often the next best option.

  • Foxconn – $178.869 billion

The growth of Foxconn in the tech industry has also led to it providing more employment opportunities, as it is currently named as one of the world’s largest employers. According to reports, it employs approximately 1.29 million people, who are integral to the development and distribution of its wide product range, which includes the likes of Nintendo, BlackBerry and PlayStation, amongst many others.

  • Alphabet – $161.857 billion

Best known as the parent company of Google, it is no wonder that it continues to be listed as a leader in the industry. Just about everyone on the internet knows of and makes use of the search engine, in which it is the market leader. According to reports, it boasted a market share of 92.47% as at June 2021.

  • Microsoft – $125.843 billion

Touted as one of the most expensive brands in the industry and second-largest company in the world, Microsoft is world-renowned for its Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • Huawei – $124.316 billion

Despite being founded in 1987, it is only in recent years that Huawei has really been changing the industry and challenging industry giants. This Chinese tech company manufactures a wide array of consumer electronics.

  • Dell Technologies – $92.154 billion

Dell offers both hardware and software products and is also known for its role in supply chain management and its innovative direct sales e-commerce model.

  • Hitachi – $80.639 billion

Considering just how much the tech industry is contributing to everyday life, particularly in recent months, it is no wonder that this Japanese company is thriving. Hitachi’s offering includes IT, AI, IoT and big data, which is proof of just how forward-looking and futuristic it is.

  • IBM – $77.147 billion

International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation operates in more than 171 countries and invented industry game changers such as ATMs and floppy disks.

  • Sony – $75.972 billion

Perhaps one of the most notable Japanese conglomerates, Sony continues to be a giant in the video game console and publishing segment.

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