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How to Boost Internet Speed on Android Phone| 7 Tricks you Should Know.

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Today, a smartphone is all you need. From shopping to making payments, you can do it all with a single click and at your convenience. However, there are times when the internet fails us and we feel downright irritated. If you want to know how to boost internet speed on android phone, you’re at the right place!

Reliable internet is a must if you want to complete your transaction via your phone. If you are experiencing slow internet speed, there are some ways you can fix the problem. In this post, we share some tricks that will help speed up the internet on your phone.

How to boost internet speed on android phone?

Uninstall apps

Install all unnecessary apps especially those that you don’t use yet they run in the background and eat up your internet bandwidth. Some apps such as banking can be accessed from the browser, so you can consider deleting them as well.

Clear Cache

clear cache

Cache memory fills up automatically slowing down the phone. The best way to clear cache is to delete your search history. Make sure to complete a thorough search of all the instructions specific to your phone. That said, you can complete the process from the settings or the internet icon.

Change the browser

Just like how different phones work better with different apps, it is true for the browser as well. You could consider using a different browser on your specific smartphone. You may realize that a particular browser works faster than the other and you may want to stick to it.


Pop-up ads can be annoying especially when you are waiting for a page to load. Typically, a pop-up ad includes text as well as images and links. This not only invades your space but takes up the internet connection as well.

To prevent this, you can download a pop-up blocker that will stop ads and allow your browser to continue loading your original website. You can download a pop-up blocker easily from Google Play Store. However, make sure to keep only the one that works the best and the one that you will use continuously.

Browser Text Mode

If you don’t need to look at pictures while searching on your phone, you could enable the Text Mode feature. You can enable this feature through the browser application on your phone. This feature significantly improves the speed at which the website downloads. Without the need for pictures, the site will focus only on the texts and so won’t pull any extra data.

Network type

network type

The speed available on your phone also matters. Go to your phone settings and select the latest preferred type( 3G, 4G, or even 5G) cellular network connection. At any time, if your phone is within the range of the better network type, it will utilize it to improve the internet connection thus allowing for a better internet connection and texting capabilities.

Turn off and on the internet connection

Yet another effective way to improve the internet speed is to turn off and on the internet connection. Your phone will have a chance to refresh the original internet connection. Turn your airplane settings off and then back on quickly. The more frequently you do it, the better your internet connection will remain.

There’s no denying that consistent internet is required for an enjoyable browsing experience. Now that you know how to boost internet speed on android phone, you can avoid a patchy connection and continue your browsing without any interruptions.

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