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Is There A Reason Why Do People Depend On Technology

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Can you try to think and come up with something in your life that has not been touched by technology? We bet you cannot. Imagining a life where technology is not present or doesn’t have a bold impact on our lives is nearly impossible. Sure, all the new tech innovations has made our life easier but everything comes with a downside too. Over the years, we have become way too dependent on technology. It seems to be now seamlessly integrated into our lives. 

Technology is now involved and greatly influences everything we do. Whether it is communicating with loved ones or paying our bills, there is nothing we don’t use technology for. It has changed the ways how we connect with people within society and how we perceive various ideas and asses our life metrics. 

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As a generation, we are becoming more and more plugged in. Technology has given us a platform and a voice. In a democratic country like India, it has brought forth various sections of society that had been pushed back for years. 

But, the question is, why do people depend on technology?

Lets be honest, can we really have an answer to that? Something that is so heavily integrated and ingrained in our lives is very hard to escape. We can surely master the technology and not let it control us. Surely, as it has changed the social dynamic of our world, interactions with fellow humans are slowly becoming restricted to posting on ‘walls’ and DMs. 

We depend on technology largely because of the easy availability of all the information. Let’s say a kid has to do some homework and make a project about the solar system. Unlike the times when all the study material was restricted to books, he can simply log on to the Internet and gather all the info about the Sun, the Moon, and the galaxies. 

Let’s take another example. You have to listen to your favorite song and probably want to hear it on a loop. The easiest way to do it? Just download a music app and search among thousands of other songs which are available to you with just a few clicks. 

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The answer to the question of why do people depend on technology is quite simple. It is because we need to move ahead and embrace things that have such a huge impact on our lives. Sure technology has a huge negative aspect too where over-dependence on it has been shown to cause physical as well as mental well-being issues. But, we can always choose to decide how much to use it. 

There is no substitute for human connections and personal development outside the world of digital screens. Our attention spans are becoming shorter and people now often complain of their patience running thin. Have you ever felt frustrated if a YouTube video takes too long to download? Yup, same here!

Technology is not going anywhere. Going by how fast our world is moving ahead, a day will come when every single thing will have some kind of technology behind it. We can learn to accept its pros and cons and learn to live positively with it.

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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