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10 Best Instagram Automation Tools

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You must be aware of the fact that Instagram has become the biggest marketing platform. Instagram automation tool is a game changer when it comes to marketing. No matter what niche you have, with the help of Instagram automation tools you can target a selective audience, give customer services and establish your brand in the market. Here is a curated list of 10 best Instagram automation tools. Check out and find which one is for you.


Instagram Automation Tool to handle multiple accounts

Price: $35

It will not only publish your content but can manage up to 7 Instagram profiles. This is your go to automation tool if you are looking for assistance in strategizing, analyizing and executing your plans. SocialPilot can do all of this for you.

As a Social Media Manager, SocialPilot can help you bring your profile to greatest heights.



  • Not just Instagram, SocialPilot can handle other media platforms as well. They include Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tiktok, Tumbler, Google My Business and VK.
  • “Bulk Scheduling” can help you schedule and post up to 500 posts.
  • Post Customisation to help you create unique posts
  • Single handedly posts your content without any requirement of third-party tools or reminders
  • Gives you social media report including performance and detailed analytics
  • You get a social calendar to organize your plan
  • Automatic content suggestions to improve your content quality
  • Find the best time to post and schedule accordingly
  • Collaboration feature to help you manage your team
  • One social inbox feature where you can access every social media conversation
  • Canva integration feature from SocialPilot account. From where you can create best of designs

Advantages of SocialPilot

  • Canva integration for free. Which is an advantage for you as a creator.
  • Automatic systematic report which includes detailed analytics about your social media. It can help you to decide your next plan of action.

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Best Instagram Automation tool

Price $99

Kicksta offers standard as well premium plans. If you are someone who is determined to build an authentic brand with an authentic audience then Kicksta is the Instagram automation tool for you.


  • Has not standard as well as premium version
  • Offers you dashboard feature which you can customise according to your plans 
  • Dashboard consists of the competitive influencers or brands whose audiences you want to target. These dashboards help you to point out the content you need to post

Advantages of Kicksta

  • Kicksta do not promise you a lot of followers within no time. But only organic audience and hence an authentic base for your brand
  • Offers 24×7 customer service. As Instagram is the main marketing platform so Kicksta ensures that you have email support and live chat to connect with the audience.

Disadvantages of Kicksta

  • As there are no fake followers, it will take time to see visible changes in the audience. If you are impatient you may not trust Kicksta
  • A bit expensive for the amount of features it offers.


Instagram Automation for research and improvement

Price $40

Later is known for content research. If your requirement is research and improvement then Later is for you. Later use keywords and hashtags to help you research the content. And improve your Insta game.



  • Content calendar feature where you can save and organize the content pieces as your assets. So that you know about your best content.
  • There is an option to add labels, notes or stars to specific content so that  you can filter them whenever you need reference.
  • You can save and schedule your best content for regular appearance on your profile
  • Later is mainly focused on Instagram and Pinterest. But if you wish you can use Later to schedule posts on TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Linkin.bio feature which helps your audience to directly connect with your website.
  • It generates similar hashtags while you schedule your posts.

Advantages of Later

  • A detailed analysis to promote your account on Instagram
  • Eases you in planning and getting relevant suggestions.


Perfect Instagram Automation Tool

Price $100

A perfect assistant to automatically follow, like, unfollow or comment on the posts. Not just helps in your Instagram presence but schedules your upcoming posts.



  • Automatic feature for story views and direct messages to your target viewers 
  • Speed of response is not too fast to which makes it seem natural for the audience as well as Instagram (hence saves your account from getting spammed)
  • A mobile application feature other than its website. Which is easy to use and handle anytime anywhere.
  • Offers a dashboard feature in different languages and you customise also 

Advantages of Instazood

  • Full control of marketing strategy. That means you can change your plans and actions as per the results.
  • Customisation of features to give you best of results according to your audience

Disadvantages of Instazood

  • Recently Instagram changed it’s algorithm and that’s Instazood has stopped giving results
  • Customer service is not up to the mark. Sometimes replies to the messages do not solve the queries
  • Price range increases when you buy all the services of this tool, which may increase your expenses. 


Price: $69.95

Jarvee can handle all of your Instagram activity effortlessly. Be it follow, unfollow, follow back, like, repost, messages, response, comments. But it works on windows only so you have to handle your Instagram from your Laptop or computer only.



  • Helps you in user research and find your audience
  • Offers social media marketing certification, to show your content as prepared by professionals.

Advantages of Jarvee

  • Not just Instagram but Jarvee can handle Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Allows to handle more than one business accounts and clients

Disadvantages of Jarvee

  • Difficult to use, hence users need to take tutorials to learn. So that you don’t face problems with Instagram automation
  • Sometimes users get stuck because support staff are inconsistent with their responses.

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Meant for organic brands

Price $78

Another best Instagram automation tool to grow your brand organically. It will help to build an authentic audience base for your brand.



  • Upleap has an algorithm that enables users to filter their audience using hashtag, location and theme.

Advantages of Upleap

  • Upleap offers a 3 day trial period. That too without sharing your card information with them.
  • Once you sign up, you will be provided a personal account manager.
  • Personal account manager will assist you to customise your account according to your specifications. And even resolves your issues.

Disadvantages of Upleap

  • According to some feedback, Upleap was helpful for only some time period. After some months it stopped giving the results.


Versatile Instagram Automation Tool

Price $45

Instavast can automate almost all of your Instagram activities. Including like, comments and messages.  Within a 3 day trial you will know if you want to buy its plan or not.



  • Helps you to filter and narrow down your users. And helps to target the desired audience.

Advantages of Instavast

  • Filter and analytics feature enables the meaningful interactions and hence fast growth
  • Tool do not need a download so you don’t have to worry about storage or virus
  • Offers image editor option, so obviously an advantage for advertising.

Disadvantages of Instavast

  • Consumes so much internet so it proves to be a disadvantage to smaller companies.
  • Lacks some features such as view history or upload photos and hence limits your scope for improvement.
  • Customer service does not have an appreciable response. They take so long to respond


Best Instagram Automation tool

Price $49

Gramto is also one of the best Instagram Automation tools. Which assists you in Instagram activities. So that you actively show up on Instagram. With the help of Gramto you can follow/unfollow, auto-like, comment and direct messages.



  • Tracking features available to to keep a track of Instagram statistics
  • Geotagging is an additional feature. If you want to add you can buy the feature and use it for product tagging or first comment options.
  • Gramto is integrated with cloud platforms such as Google drive. Which enables advanced audience targeting and easy import.

Advantages of Gramto

  • You get a free image editing platform, which can be used for instant touch ups
  • Hashtag search is free with all of the plans under this tool.
  • analysis report of target audience along with their scraping data. enables you for better audience engagement.

Disadvantages of Gramto

  • Customer service is not available
  • Automation features seem puzzling to many users
  • Auto-payment deduction is problematic. as, users do not even get notified about it.


Instagram Automation Tool to handle bulk work

Price $77

Instamber can do bulk actions in a reasonably good time period. Which eases you from heavy workload related to messages, likes, content scheduling and comments. Instamber is the best Instagram automation tool if you are looking for reliable assistance.



  • Cloud based tool, no issues about storage and virus. as, you do not have to download anything to your system

Advantages of Instamber

  • Personalized marketing assistant. who can serve according to your niche, profile and industry requirements.
  • Client’s progress reports, which tells you what is working and what needs improvement
  • features can be customized so that you get services according to your requirement

Disadvantages of Instamber

  • Zero or almost late support services. Staff is not serious about solving issues
  • Sometimes tool has bugs and glitches which ruins the user experience
  • Results show during initial days, but later on everything drops down.


Best Instagram Automation Tool

Price $79.99

Tailwind is specialized in creating and assisting in incredible content designs. Along with Instagram it supports Facebook and Pinterest. There are various features to support design and high quality content.



  • Tool offers you personalized drag and drop grid features for easy scheduling. 
  • SmartSchedule feature lets you know about most active time period of your audience
  • Hashtag feature to enhance engagement
  • Unsplash integration feature to enable stock image posting
  • Smart bio, a promising feature for your brand popularity

Advantages of Tailwind

  • Tool takes care of your niche specific content
  • Boosts your Instagram engagement through SmartSchedule
  • Ready to use content available for quick posting

Disadvantages of Tailwind

  • Consumes a lot of time due to slow loading speed

Instagram is not just the greatest platform but a dense market as well. Which means there is a lot of competition to make yourself visible. And if you have a brand then you do not only have time for marketing there must be other stuff to work upon.

That’s why choosing the best Instagram automation tool can assist you in targeting your audience, creating engaging content and getting important audience insight. And hence saves your time and energy.

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