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How to See Your Report History on Instagram?

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Reporting a post on Instagram has become a common practice. There are so many reasons why an user would go ahead and report a post—citing reasons such as community violations or inappropriate content.

The platform launches in 2010, is currently Facebook owned. There are millions of people who want to share their day-today updates on the platform. However, whenever any such post of against an Instagram guideline, it stands the chance to get reported. Here is how to see your report history on Instagram.

See Your Report History On Instagram 2

Once you report any account or post, you can track what access Instagram takes on the same using your iPhone.

Step 1: Access Instagram application on the iPhone.

Step 2: Tap ‘three horizontal lines’ on top.

Step 3: Click ‘settings’.

Step 4: Click ‘help’ in the menu.

Step 5: Under Help click on ‘support requests’.

Step 6: You can get to see the action taken on accounts you reported earlier.

The details you see are—

  • A list of reported posts or accounts
  • Details on creator and reopen of reporting
  • Instagram decision around these reported posts or accounts

In case you see that a report is not open for action anymore but you are not happy with the resolution, you can request a review again.

Reporting Abusive Comments on Insta

Instagram often sees posts laced with communal hatred, sedition and provoking comments. These violate the Insta guidelines and yet such posts keep showing up across timelines.

See Your Report History On Instagram 1

Besides reporting these comments, you must go on to disable DMs from unknown people, filter particular words and even restrict or disable comments on your account posts.

Remember that when you report a post, it is no longer visible on your feed. These go into Hide Posts of the app. However, you can specifically search the user and keep following the account.

Summing Up

If at all you change your mind after reporting a post, you can un-report an Insta post too. Simply click on the post, tap the three dots of top right corner and then click on Hide From This List.

For accounts violating Instagram guidelines, there is no specific number for violations that could lead to an account ban. You cannot figure out who reports you on the platform even though you can find how to see your report history on Instagram. Instagram has an internal specialist teams to review all reported posts and it might take up to a day for the process.

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