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Zoom is Heading to Introduce Email and Calendar in 2022- Will the Step be Worth it?

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Zoom is gearing towards its biggest expansion. As reported by The Information, it is about to launch calendar and email apps by the end of 2022. Zoom is very well on its way to becoming the biggest competitor to Slack and other whiteboard apps. It could give tough competition to Microsoft Office and Google Workspace as well.

Introduction of new apps

Dabbling into other apps seems like a stretch for Zoom but it also makes sense that it would get into work tools. Eric Yuan, Zoom CEO, once said he would prefer to partner with other tools instead of replacing them. However, since the ambitions of the company have grown, its desires have also grown to own a variety of work ecosystems.


Email and Calendar apps are regularly used for scheduling, which gives Zoom the scope to integrate itself deeply with companies that use those apps. However, both Microsoft and Google are trying to oust Zoom. Google Calendar is regularly working on the Meet button and it is getting bigger and bigger every day. These companies are hoping to win in the end since it is their default setting.


Zoom became popular within the last couple of years for being the best in its field. However, with Meet and Teams being solid and companies looking for budget options, Zoom may not continue to be on the list of those corporations.

Zoom is Heading to Introduce Email and Calendar in 2022 1

Things to do

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Zoom can either choose to get deeper into how businesses function or risk being cut off completely. It knows what happened to Slack and must be trying to evade a similar fate.

If Zoom still wants to continue to expand and take on Meet, Teams, Workspace, and Office, it has to prepare itself for a long and expensive battle. One should not forget, Google spent years building its market by competing with Microsoft and is still doing so in.


However, in no way, it means that Zoom cannot have novel ideas in this sector. A lot of interesting calendar apps have popped up in recent years from companies like Cron, Daybridge, and Calendly. Although people would debate whether or not email needs any advancement, they fetched some innovative ideas into the email space and Superhuman is managing well in the tech circles.

Ultimate goal and fate

The question is whether or not Zoom is the right corporation to get all these things under its wings in one place. But surely, this is the most ambitious project Zoom is trying to accomplish.

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