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Easy Method to Turn on Low Power Mode on macOS

Turn on Low Power Mode on macOS

Apple’s iPhones have had a low-power mode for a long time as a way to make the battery last longer. Apple is adding the same to MacOS.

It is a way to extend the battery’s lifespan. Since the Mac has a low-power mode, it could extend Mac’s battery lifespan. Read further as the article elaborates on how to turn on low power mode on macOS.

How do I turn on low power mode on macOS?

One can use low power mode when the Mac is running on battery power and when it is plugged into an adapter. 

To begin:

  • Select “System Preferences” from the Apple menu.
  • Click “Battery” under System Preferences.
  • On the left sidebar of Battery preferences, choose “Battery” again. 
  • Afterwards, in the right-hand pane, check the box next to “Low Power Mode.”
  • Click on the “Power Adapter” menu on the sidebar to use low power mode while the Mac is charging. Finally, select the “Low Power Mode” option.

You may check the status at any time by clicking on the Battery icon in the menu bar. Low power mode can be turned off by unchecking the box in System Preferences, under the Battery or Power Adapter sections.

Which Mac models are compatible?

This feature is compatible with macOS 12 Monterey and later updates for the MacBook (Early 2016 and later) and MacBook Pro (Early 2016 and later). As of December 2021, none of Apple’s MacBook Air models in Apple’s MacBook Air supports low power mode. This could change at some point.

How does low power mode affect Macs? 

After knowing how to turn on low power mode on macOS, a genuine question arises. What effect does this mode have on the device? 

As previously stated, the low power mode on a Mac minimises energy usage by reducing screen brightness and CPU clock speed. On Mac, the screen seems darker, and app performance becomes slower than usual.

Like iPhone’s low power mode, it helps keep the Mac running quietly. However, one can’t set a specific battery percentage threshold on a Mac for this mode to activate automatically. 

A MacBook works more efficiently when it is in low power mode. This feature helps preserve battery life, but it comes with some drawbacks that may prevent you from using it frequently. Low power mode enhances Mac battery life, but it does so by turning off or decreasing valuable functionality.

Since MacBooks require more power than iPhones, low power mode will have less effect.

Low power mode modifies or disables several aspects of the iPhone and iPad in the short term such as:

  • slows down the processor
  • Turns off the app refresh in the background
  • Switched off email retrieval.
  • Disables automatic downloading.

Apple hasn’t stated what low power mode impacts the Mac, but it likely has a similar impact as on the iPhone and iPad. 

We recommend turning on low power mode on macOS occasionally. Keeping the mode on could cause harm to the device in the long run.