You Can Now Listen To Messages With New WhatsApp Audio Feature

New WhatsApp Audio Feature

WhatsApp has been trying hard to keep users from moving on. The Private Policy fiasco left millions of users infuriated who are now trying other private messaging apps, which promise to be more secure and safe. Telegram has become the new favourite and recorded the maximum downloads. Only recently the cloud-based messaging app introduced voice chats in Telegram. To match up, WhatsApp has introduced a new audio feature.

New WhatsApp feature will allow all users to to make voice, video calls from desktop. The end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls feature will turn out to be a saviour for the users, especially for those who are still using the Facebook owned messaging app for work. 

 Here’s the official statement along with the link to download the new WhatsApp audio feature.

How to use new WhatsApp audio feature?

The mute-video feature even allows users to mute the audio of videos while sharing them with others. To do so, users will have to tap on the speaker button below the seeker tool that allows trimming the length of a clip.  If you can recollect, the new WhatsApp feature is similar to the mute audio option on the Instagram app that has been there for a while now.

New WhatsApp Audio Feature 1

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The new feature is currently being rolled out for Android users, and is likely to be made available for  iOS users in the coming months. To use the new WhatsApp audio feature, Android users will have to first update the app via Google Play Store.

 WhatsApp is also testing an option to change the playback speed of voice messages. This feature is in development and will be available in a future update for Android as well as iOS.

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Which is your preferred messaging app? Are you still using WhatsApp? Do you think new WhatsApp feature will sop you from using other messaging apps? Drop in your views in the comment section. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get latest updates on new WhatsApp audio feature.