Record WhatsApp Calls With This Trick

Record WhatsApp Calls 3

Recording WhatsApp calls is not as easy as recording normal phone calls. This is mainly on account of the end-to-end security promised to users by the messaging app. You may want to record WhatsApp calls to keep track of conversations and to refer to them later.

Although WhatsApp does not have any inherent feature to record calls, there are a few ways that do the trick. One way is to start the screen recording feature already available in the phone. But that is limited to only recording the video part and not the audio. Here we have shared how to record WhatsApp video call with audio.

Whatever method you are using, make sure that you inform the concerned parties once you begin recording the call.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android and iPhone

For this method, you will be needing an iPhone, a Mac and another phone that supports WhatsApp calling using your account. This means that the iPhone being used in this hack should not be your primary phone.

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Step 1. Plug the iPhone into the Mac using the designated cable and tap on ‘Trust this computer’ on the iPhone.

Step 2. Once the iPhone has recognized the Mac, go to ‘QuickTime’, open ‘File’ and then tap on ‘New Audi Recording’.

Step 3. There will be a downward arrow adjacent to the record icon in QuickTime. Click on it and select iPhone from the dropdown menu. Then tap on the record icon.

Step 4. Make a WhatsApp call on the second phone using the iPhone. When the call is connected, tap on the ‘Add Contact’ icon and choose the user with whom you want to initiate call recording.

Step 5. Once the call is over, hit the stop icon in QuickTime and save the recording on your Mac. You now have the recorded WhatsApp call at your disposal.

Note that you can’t secretly do the recording using this method since the parties are able to see who all are a part of the WhatsApp call. This means that they will be able to figure out if you are recording the call.

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How to record WhatsApp audio and video calls using Cube Call Recorder

This app uses the ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ feature to record WhatsApp calls. This trick is actually a hit and trial method that works only on some devices running on the Android operating system. In case you wish to try it, follow the procedure below:

Step 1. Download the ‘Cube Call Recorder’ app on your phone from the Play Store.

Step 2. Open the app, then open WhatsApp and make an audio or video call.

Step 3. A Cube Call widget will appear after the call starts. Tap on the widget to start recording the WhatsApp call.

Record WhatsApp Calls

If an error showed up and you could not see the widget on starting the call, your phone might not be supporting the app. You may have to install another app or find some other hack torecord WhatsApp calls.You can also troubleshoot the problem in Cube Call Recorder by following these steps:

Step 1. Open the Settings of the app and then select ‘Force VoIP call as Voice call’.

Step 2. Follow the aforementioned procedure again to check whether the widget appears after the changed Settings.

Step 3. If you can see the widget, the feature is working and if you cannot, then this app is not meant for your phone.

The only issue with using third party apps on both Android and iPhone is that they are not compatible with every device. Before understanding how to record WhatsApp calls, figure out if you have a compatible model.

For Cube Call Recorder, this can be done by checking the list available on the app’s page on the Play Store.Note that this list is not 100% accurate and the enlisted devices may still have trouble recording WhatsApp calls.

How to record WhatsApp call easily

Don’t want to get into the complexities of using any of the aforementioned methods? Simply put the ongoing WhatsApp call on speaker and use another phone to make a video of the call. But you will be needing a lot of storage space for this.

Record WhatsApp Calls

In case it is only an audio call, you can use the voice recorder of the other phone as it might not take up as much space as a video. There also exists an app for generating transcripts of the call. Install the app and tap the ‘Record’ icononce the call gets connected for the app to start transcribing.

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Recording WhatsApp calls by rooting the phone

Rooting the device using the SCR Screen Recorder app may also help to record WhatsApp calls but we advise against doing that. If not done properly, rooting can cause permanent damage to the phone. Thus, it should only be done by experts and that too after fully understanding the associated risks.