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Yes, US based Google Pay Users Can Send Money to India Via the App

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Wondering ‘Can I send money from USA to India using Google Pay?’ Well, it is possible. Google Pay has recently launched international money transfers to facilitate easy payment transfers especially during these unprecedented times.  Google Pay users in the United States can now transfer money to app users in India and Singapore.

To allow money transfer from USA to India using Google Pay, the tech giant has launched international money transfer partnerships with remittances firms Wise and Western Union Co. This will enable smooth transfers without any hiccups. The company has also revamped it U.S. payments app, and has introduced paid promotions to the service. It is also working towards opening a wait list for bank accounts being launched next with several lenders. If you are looking to send money back home, here is how US based Google users can send money to India.

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How US based Google Pay users can send money to India

  • The first step is the ensure that the receiver in India has a Google Pay account
  • Next is to open the account and tap on ‘Pay’
  • Choose the preferred payments provider – Western Union or Wise
  • Enter the amount you’d like to transfer
  • Check the converted amount and click on ‘Pay’

To send money internationally, the US user will have to first search for the Google Pay user s/he would like to send money to. The next step would be to tap on “Pay” and then to select either Western Union or Wise.

Send money using Google pay

Remember, if you are trying to send money from the US, it is necessary to know the exact amount you’d like to send to the recipient. You will also be able to choose the payments provider on the basis of how long it will take the amount to reach.

As per the partnership, Western Union will not levy any extra charges and the recipient will get the exact value in their local currency as chosen by the user in the US. Wise, on the other hand, will charge the actual foreign exchange rate and additional transfer fees varying from country to country. Google will not charge any additional fee to customers. 

Not for businesses

Google Pay international transactions from the US to India are can only be done by personal Google Pay accounts. Please remember that the new feature is only available to individual users. Businesses located in the US still will not be able to send money internationally via the Google Pay app.

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