There may be times when you want to remotely access Android phone from PC. Reasons could include playing mobile games or access apps on a bigger screen or even reply to messages.

Additionally, remote access can help business users or teachers to share emails or presentations on the big screen.Regardless of the reason, you can access your android phone with the help of software. Here’s how.

How to remotely access android phone from pc?

Remotely access android phone from pc 2

You can consider using a few mobile apps or even web apps to remotely access android phone from pc.


Perhaps one of the most powerful apps that let you control Android from a PC, AirDroid combines several features from other apps. It not only help you manage your messages and notifications but also go in-depth and mirror your screen and mouse. Also, AirDroid costs only $2.99 per month so, you can download other apps to include more functionality.


Slightly simpler than AirDroid, Vysor emphasizes screen mirroring. Your developer can even test the app while developing it or simply tweak it with the perfect home screen setup. Vysor also lets you choose between speed and performance depending on your needs.

Vysor offers both free as well as paid versions. The paid version offers additional features like wireless connectivity and full-screen mirroring.


Scrcpy is an open-source program that allows you to fully control your Android from a PC. You can use either a USB connection or Wi-Fi to pair your phone and Scrcpy will allow screen mirroring and notification management. However, if you want to leverage Scrcpy on Linux, you will have to build your interface from scratch.

Scrcpy is a free program and Windows or macOS users can download ready-made options right from GitHub.


Instead of allowing you to mirror your screen, DeskDock enables you to bring your computer mouse straight to your Android device with total control. You can fire up the app and use your computer’s mouse to test different functions quickly.

While the base sharing is free, you can pay a monthly fee and share a bot more. Additional features include keyboard and clipboard sharing for easier access.

Samsung Flow

Samsung Flow is the best app if you want to remotely access android phone from pc specifically a Samsung phone. You can bring any of your Samsung products into the same fold and share notifications and settings seamlessly. It also allows you to bring your texts over your Galaxy tab and notifications on your laptop or Galaxy Chromebook easily.

If you’re using a new device, consider using Samsung DeX for a wired mirroring experience.

TeamViewer QuickSupport

This is a must-have for any business. It provides tech support right from your laptop to an Android device as long as you have the app and downloaded the desktop software. TeamViewer QuickSupport also allows for file and messages control remotely across all Android devices.

This app is quite different from the other apps. Though it may cost you a little, you will get far more power for your money.


While Pushbullet does not provide you complete control over your Android phone from a PC, it will put all of your notifications right at your fingertips. Additionally, the app allows you to send and receive files and messages with optional encryption and even use universal copy and paste to manage faster.

Interestingly, Pushbullet allows you to control multiple devices simultaneously. Its free version limits you to 100 messages per month. It will cost you $4.99 per month or $39.99 annually.

How to block downloading/installing Android apps from Play Store?

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting hard, most people and organizations are relying on mobile devices. So, it is important to ensure that the apps installed on the devices are managed with corporate data as well as the devices.

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That said, the main reason to manage apps is to prevent users from installing malicious apps on devices to ensure both productivity as well as security.

If your organization is Android Enterprise configured, you can follow these steps to restrict your employees from installing apps from Play Store on Android devices.

  • Configure Android Enterprise
  • Purchase apps in the Managed Google Play portal
  • If there’s a need to add the purchased apps to the repository, sync MDM App Repository  
  • Next, distribute these apps to devices and/or groups.

These steps will ensure only those apps purchased via Play for Work and distributed using MDM can be installed from Google Play Store. It will block downloading other apps from Play Store on Android devices.

Without Android Enterprise

  • Click on Device Mgmton your MDM console, and select Profiles from the left menu.
  • Next, tap on Create Profile and select Android from the dropdown.
  • From the policy list, select Restrictions and then select Application from the left menu.
  • Now, restrict the option Users can install unapproved apps.
  • Save and Publish this profile. Distribute it to devices and groups

Once you’re done with profile association, you can block the downloading of apps from Play Store.

The user will receive a notification stating that the “security policy prevents the installation of this application” once you block apps from being downloaded on Android devices using the Play Store.

These apps will let you remotely access android phone from pc. Figure out what you’re trying to do and what task you need to complete and choose the right app and download it.