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WordPress Introduces AI Plug-In to Write Blogs on your Behalf

Jetpack AI Assistant is soon to be available on WordPress as an AI plug-in. The tool would be free for patrons “for a limited time.” Normally Jetpack users have to pay a monthly fee of $ 10 once their 20 free requests are exhausted.

Latest software

This is the latest addition to the world of AI text generation and editing software. Since it would be available on one of the biggest content management and blogging platforms, its popularity could advance on a grand scale.

Automattic, the owner of, created JetPack AI Assistant. It contributes so to the growth and development of WordPress to a great extent and shall continue to do. Automattic says that the tool is a “creative writing partner” that helps people “generate diverse content at your command, significantly reducing the time and effort required in content creation.”

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Demos show that the tool could summarize a blog in a headline, adjust the tone of a text, and even generate a blog completely from a single prompt. Users have the option to choose the text tone from “provocative”, “formal”, and “humorous” options. People can give prompts like- “Write a list of Tokyo’s must-visit destinations, and give me a table with exchange rated from JPY to USD and Euro.” Automattic confirms that the tool can correct grammar and spelling. It can also translate to and from 12 languages including Spanish, English, Chinese, Hindi, and French.

Harmful effects

Understandably, it is a logical decision for Automattic to launch this feature as it would draw in more people to However, such features are likely to bring along harmful effects as well. Regrettably, copywriters are losing their jobs as clients are switching to generative AI software and tools such as ChatGPT. People are also worried about the web being a palace of substandard AI-generated span.

There is no denying the fact that AI tools offer mostly inaccurate content. Moreover, the default copy produced by them is out-of-date and often bland as well.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick: I am a content writer with 13+ years of experience in various genres, allowing me to adapt my writing style to diverse topics and audiences. Alongside my passion for creating engaging content, I have a deep interest in esoteric knowledge, constantly exploring the mystical and unconventional realms for inspiration along with spiritual and personal growth.

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