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Wondering What’s the Best Way to Protect your Hard Drive Data

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Data privacy and protection are a major cause of concern for most people. The portability of mobile devices makes them very susceptible to getting stolen or lost. Losing a device can be an epic nightmare because of the amount of personal ata that is stored on it. 

So, what’s the best way to protect your hard drive data? There are several methods with which you can protect all your data to ensure it cannot be misused and eventually can be retrieved as well. 

It is quite critical that we all protect our hard drive data before it’s too late. Not only do we risk losing our data in case it is lost or stolen, but the data may also get corrupted due to some bug attack.

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If we were to categorize broadly, hard drive data protection can be done either with a password or with the help of encryption.

The passwords or the ‘locks’ that we put on our devices can be very simply disabled. Anyone with even a little bit of knowledge of how these devices work can simply retrieve complete data. So, passwords are not fool-proof. 

So, again the million-dollar question arises? What’s the best way to protect your hard drive data? 

The simplest way is to lock your hard drive with a password. Not the best method but it can provide a single layer of protection. You do not need any software for this. Even though this method does not provide strong protection, it can prevent data theft in case the device is stolen. The data access is provided by the drive itself and even if someone tries to connect it to some other system, still the drive would require a password to unlock it. Since the password is used directly for the hard drive and not the operating system, one would require to enter the password anytime the hard drive is used.

In order to completely secure your hard drive data, the best thing to do would be full data encryption. Encrypting your data would ensure that there is no theft of data even if you lose your device. There are special softwares that can help you with data encryption. 

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Apple devices do not require any encryption because it is done by the manufacturer only. So, keeping this in mind, Apple devices are quite safe from data theft. 

On Windows or Android devices, data encryption is possible but the user has to turn on the encryption himself. 

Encryption is the best way to protect your hard drive data. Even if someone manages to get past the security retrieving data would not be possible with encryption. 

For encrypting the hard drive, there are many software available like Veracrypt, DiskCryptor, AxCrypt, Bitlocker, etc. 

If under unfortunate circumstances, you lose your hard disk, you can still be sure about not losing your data if you protect it ahead of time. It is almost like locking away your valuable data in a vault and ensuring that no one knows the way to peep into it. 

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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