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Is There an Android App to Make Phone Not Reachable?

Are you wondering how to make your phone number not reachable for specific numbers? You are the right place! In this post, we share android app to make phone not reachable.

There are many reasons when you may want to make your phone not reachable for some numbers. Before you make yourself unavailable, you need to ask yourself if the number calling you is the one you no longer want to hear from? Do you want to block the number permanently or just not hear from the person calling you right now?

The answers to these questions will help you determine if you want to block the person permanently or avoid phone calls or make your phone unreachable.

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Which is the best android app to make phone not reachable?

Here are a few tricks to make your phone unreachable.

Airplane or flight mode

It is the easiest way to make your number unreachable.

Change the mobile network

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Changing the mobile network will help you avoid the caller without giving any hint. Simply go to the system settings, you will find mobile and network settings. Next, click on the manual selection and select any network that is not yours. This will make your phone unreachable. You can disable the setting and select your actual mobile network if you decide not to make your number unreachable.

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Call forward

The call forwarding feature allows you to forward the call to an expired number. 

Removing and inserting your SIM card

This is yet another interesting trick to make your number unreachable. All you need to do is remove your SIM card, switch off your phone and insert your SIM card again. Your number will be unreachable until you restart your phone again.

Third-party apps

make Phone not reachable

Some apps like Phone Signal Jammer, Call Blocker, PilferShush Jammer, Call Control, Cell Phone Signal Blocker pouch, etc., claim to block cell reception and thus make your number unreachable. While these apps are free to use, we recommend that you test them on your device first. The functionality of these apps varies from one device to another. So, it is best to try it on your device before making your number unreachable for specific numbers.

Hopefully, this android app to make phone not reachable helps you achieve the desired result and makes your phone unreachable. Good luck!

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