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How to Know if Someone is Online on Instagram? Simple Tricks You Must Know

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Recently, Instagram added a feature similar to the last seen on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger which shows the latest activity of your friend. It displays the latest usage of the app and also displays its online status.  In this post, we share tricks to how to know if someone is online on Instagram.

You can check the direct message to see the status of the last activity. This is the easiest way to see your friends’ online status. Do note, by default this feature is turned on for all accounts. However, if you don’t want someone to know that you are online, you can disable it easily.

How to know if someone is online on Instagram?

Previously, you could view a person’s last activities on the posts he/she liked and commented on. However, this information may not be correct at all for the last time you visit the app.

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The latest update helps you see the last-seen and online accounts of people with whom you have previously talked to via direct message.

Follow the steps;

  • Open the Instagram application and go to the direct message. Next, drag the home screen to the left, or click on the paper plane icon at the top right.
  • Now you can see the last-seen of people you have talked to before using their username.

In some versions of Instagram, you may see a green dot next to the names of online people.

So, how to check who is online on Instagram?

  • Check their DM status. If the person has turned the online status on, you should be able to see if he/she is online.
  • Check their Story. You can check the time the person has shared a Story.
  • Check their posts. You can see when was the last time he/she posted on Instagram.
  • Check if they have liked any posts. If you have mutual friends, they are more likely to like or comment on the post.
  • Type “username” in www.instagram.com and search on Google. This will help you see all the pictures, comments, etc. by that specific username. 

That said, make sure to set your active status as “ON” as you cannot see others’ active status or last seen without doing so.

These are a few ways how to know if someone is online on Instagram. However, if you don’t want to show your online status, you can simply turn off the “online status” on the Instagram app.

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