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Wondering How to Block Bots on Facebook? Here’s How!

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While chatbots are gaining immense popularity in the field of marketing, it can be annoying when they keep popping on your Facebook page. So, if you to know how to block bots on Facebook, we’re here to help.

Chatbots can be used to perform basic tasks. However, some chatbots inject sponsored messages containing links to products and services in your private conversations. Also, they may give you daily updates. In such cases, you can either unsubscribe from the bots or you can block the bots that you never use.

How to block bots on Facebook?

While there are several ways to block bots on Facebook, you can consider unsubscribing the bot. This will help you cut back on the amount of spam you get from the bot but still stay in contact with that bot. You can send a “Stop” or “Unsubscribe” message to the bot to stop receiving updates. If this does not work, you will receive a notification saying that the updates will be stopped.

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To block the bot, open your conversation screen. To find your conversation go to the Recent Tab. You will see two options:

  • Block all messages
  • Block sponsored messages

Select block all messages and you will no longer receive any messages from the bot or send any message to the bot. This option will also block sponsored messages.

Typically, bots show up in your conversations to offer you products or services that match keywords. You can use the “toggle block sponsored messages” option, to disable these messages but keep the bot unblocked. This way you can use the bot for general queries without interrupting your private conversations.

So, this is how to block bots on Facebook. In case you want to start the conversation again, you can always unblock the bot.

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