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How to Boost Signal Strength on Android Phone in Multiple Ways?

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We have been getting a lot of requests to share techniques on how to boost signal strength on Android phone. Dropped calls, weak signals, slow data speed, etc. cause a major impact since we rely a lot on our smartphones. So, here we are with plenty of tips and tricks to improve the signal.

How to Boost Signal Strength on Android Phone?

Buy a Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters offer the perfect solution for the issue at hand. It is certified and even recommended by major carriers. It manages to take existing cell signal present outside, amplify it and then distribute strong signal wherever it is kept, be it home, vehicle, office, or business. They can work with any network and do not have any recurring fees. It is the best option if you already have an existing signal outside that can be boosted.

Verizon Network Extender

This option is only for those who have Verizon Wireless as their service provider. Network extender is also known as microcell or femtocell. It is sold by Verizon creating a cell signal in your house and routes all cellular data and calls over broadband Internet. It should be noted that like call handoff issues there are other downsides of network extenders. If there is no existing cell signal outside, it is the best option to go for.

WiFi Calling

Boost Signal Strength on Android Phone 1

This is not a method to increase signal strength as such. However, using data and making calls over WiFi is one of the ways to maintain contact with the world outside when the cell signal is not available to improve on.

Update Software

You may often receive notifications to update the carrier software which you ignore. If you update the software the phone will be better equipped to connect to the towers it is supposed to. If you have never updated the software, you should check the notification and do the needful. It is always advisable to update the software when needed.

Turn Off Services Not Currently in Use

Services like Near-Field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth, and WiFi can cause issues at times by either trying to redirect your calls and data over different services or allowing other devices to use up your bandwidth that is required for clear calls or fast data. Disable them to see whether or not the network signals improve.

Change Data and Voice Settings

At times the 4G LTE that most people use gets overloaded and the 3G network, although slower, becomes a better option. Disable the 4G LTE network on your Android smartphone and it will switch to the 3G network automatically.

Turn On and Off Airplane Mode

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If you are at a place where the network is supposed to be strong but somehow the phone is not getting good signal strength, turn on Airplane Mode and turn it off after one minute. This will help your device to reconnect.

Reset Network Setting

Reset your network settings if you are unable to connect or get a proper signal strength on your cell phone although other phones on the same network are working fine.

Re-Select the Network Operator Manually

If you still want to know how to boost signal strength on an android phone then follow this method. Take your smartphone and go to Settings>Find Mobile Networks>Network operators. This will re-scan the available networks in your locality. Choose as applicable.

Reorganize Your Space

There are some objects in your house or office that might block the signal. Things like the refrigerator, metal filing cabinet, solid furniture, and decorative waterfall restrict signal. Rearrange these things to ensure they are not coming in between the cell signal outside and the device.

Remove Bushes and Trees

Any living thing that is made up of water like trees and bushes block signal to varying degrees. Thus, trim overgrown bushes, remove unnecessary bushes, and cut down trees with permission from authorities to create open surroundings.

Use of Different Construction Materials

Consider researching materials that affect signal when you decide on the home improvement project next time. Brick walls, metal roofs, and energy-efficient building materials block signals. Try to use alternative construction materials.

Keep Your Windows Open

If your windows are treated with energy-efficient coating then it will block the signal. Hence, open a window to allow the cell signal to enter your room.

Switch Carriers

Switching your carrier is a nice option too. Choose a carrier that offers better coverage in your locality. Research a bit on the coverage maps of each carrier and ask around to find out what most people are using in the area.

Change Location

boost signal strength on android phone 3

This may not be possible for everybody. However, if the problem is not getting solved and you continue to look for ways on how to boost signal strength on Android phone then it is the last resort. You can move up a floor or multiple floors to receive a better signal. If you stay on a mountain or hill, try to move to higher ground to receive a stronger cell signal. You can also go outside to receive a stronger signal. Stand near a window to get better signal strength.

Hope we have been able to cover the most important techniques on how to boost signal strength on Android phone. We would be glad if you share with us in the comments section below anything else you know or used that could enhance signal strength.

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