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Who is @gerdegotit and His AI-Driven Dances?

While the debate about whether AI is replacing jobs or creating some instead is still ongoing, here is some happy news. Filmmaker and graphic designer James Gerde is using AI to create some creative Instagram content.

Based in Seattle, Gerde has a massive 379K followers on Instagram. He focuses on creating animated AI videos that draw inspiration and ideas from the pop culture around us. His creative expression is quirky with a high dose of technology thrown in. This is creating inspiration for people who live a digital life or consider themselves digital nomads.

Instagram @gerdegotit James Gerde AI dance videos

One of his most popular videos that helped bring him into the limelight is the one captioned “Hercules pulling up to Olympus like…”. The rendition is based on a video by @manoletyet. Here, he uses AI to transform a dance video by Manolet Marcos Torreno into the Roman divine hero Hercules dancing. The video has garnered over 50 million views. He says that he is grateful and greatly humbled by all the attention and love he has been getting after creating this video.

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Watch the video here:

Most of his videos are created similarly. He takes videos of other content creators giving them due credit and transforms those into something very different and mostly animated with the help of AI. To celebrate the success of this Hercules video, he created other similar videos. Porcelain sculptures of Greek or Roman Gods and Goddesses are brought back to life and seen dancing, sometimes even in groups.

He thrives on community engagement. Thus, he is encouraging people to give him ideas or send him requests about what they want to see next or expect from him.

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Follow @gerdegotit on Instagram if you find his content interesting.


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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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