Not Accepting New WhatsApp Policy Update? Here’s What Will Happen

New whatsapp policy update

Not happy with WhatsApp decision to share all your personal details with its parent company Facebook as well as other third-party apps? Not in a mood to accept new WhatsApp policy update? Well, you don’t have to worry. In case you do not wish to accept new WhatsApp policy update by May 15, the company will not go on to delete your account, however it will limit the functionality until new updates are accepted.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Accept New WhatsApp Policy?

In case you do not wish to accept the new WhatsApp policy update, WhatsApp will allow you to receive calls and notifications. The biggest drawback is that you will not be able to send messages via the app. The American messaging service has also come up with a list of changes a user could face if the new update is not accepted. It has created a new FAQ page titled What happens on the effective date.

New whatsapp policy update 1

A WhatsApp user who will not accept the bew WhatsApp Policy Update will only have two options available after May 15:

  1. Give in and accept the new privacy policies.
  2. Download WhatsApp chat history and sign into another messaging app, like Telegram or Signal.

It has also cautioned the users about accounts turning “inactive” if new policy update is not accepted. It has also mentioned that inactive accounts can be obliterated after 120 days.

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Why We Have A Problem With New WhatsApp Policy Update?

The whole fiasco started with WhatsApp decided to share everything personal with its parent company Facebook, which has anyway been under criticism for using personal data to influence elections in America. Now, with WhatsApp sharing personal details, including images, etc. with Facebook, most of the users are unhappy with their privacy being snatched away. However, WhatsApp has gone on to clarify that personal messages of users will remain private, yet interactions with businesses might not be covered under the same rule.  WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is said to have a great impact on messaging between businesses and their customers. The company had said that some of these messages are stored on Facebook’s servers, which are used by WhatsApp for targeting ads on Facebook.

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