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What to Do If your WhatsApp Reaction Feature Is Not Working?

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When WhatsApp launched its emoji feature, fans went gaga. The reaction feature with emojis, using a swipe on a message proved to be among the most loved features that the Meta-owned app launched.

However, some users started complaining of the WhatsApp reaction feature not working. Take a look at the top ways that help you fix this issue of WhatsApp reaction feature not working.

Fixing up WhatsApp reaction feature not working

  • The basic step to use this feature is by holding on a message on the WhatsApp screen. This lets you see all emojis you can use for reacting. Finally choose any emoji you find relevant among the six available.
  • You must update your app first to access this latest emoji feature. Do check of the app is updated. Update via Google Play Store or Apple Store on iOS.
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  • Once the update is done and you cannot use the emoji, post that, probably the feature is yet to be rolled in your region.
  • Clear the app cache or reinstall WhatsApp to be doubly sure that your WhatsApp reaction feature is not working.

Summing Up

The emoji feature has appealed to millions of users of WhatsApp since launch. It actually lets you express something without having to type in anything.

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With this update, WhatsApp has also allowed user to send larger files of even 2GB over the platform. Earlier the cap was set at 100MB.

Let us see what newer features, WhatsApp has in store in the coming future.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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