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We Don’t Have The Technology To Avert An Asteroid’s Collision With Earth

National Aeronautics and Space Administration had recently directed a “table-top” exercise to fix the time the scientists would take to comprehend ways to prevent a catastrophic collision of an incoming asteroid into the Earth. The hypothetical stimulation was created to present scientists with time to prepare for such situations, if that were to arise in the coming future.

NASA and team had created a hypothetical scenario: a mysterious asteroid from about 35 million miles (56.3 million kilometres) away is coming towards Earth and is expected to hit the planet in six months. Scientists got together and worked on the set up for an entire week to decide on to the different ways to avert or change the direction of 2021 PDC – the hypothetical asteroid.

Asteroid’s Collision With Earth

All those included in the experiment were provided with relevant information about the asteroid on a daily basis. This information represented a month in the exercise timeline. The asteroid was determined to be anywhere between 35m and 700m in size. During the exercise, the scientists began developing information. It was on day 2 that they were able to affirm that the asteroid impact will happen in six months across a vast region, which includes Europe and Northern Africa. By the end of the week, they said with some degree of certainty that the asteroid would hit between Germany and the Czech Republic.

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After a complete week’s research, the scientists said that they needed another six months minimum to deflect the asteroid from earth’s path. They also said that that if confronted with the hypothetical scenario in real life “we would not be able to launch any spacecraft on such short notice with current capabilities.” They said that currently there isn’t any technology available to stop a massive asteroid from creating a havoc.

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