Digital Stereo Nose To Enable Smelling

digital stereo nose
Researchers at the University of Chicago have come up with a digital stereo nose to assist individuals experiencing loss of smell especially due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Want to be a super-smeller? Want to smell your way home? Well, it is now made possible. Researchers at the Human Computer Integration Lab at the University of Chicago have developed a way to enhance our sense of smell with a digital stereo nose. The new device can be used to convert the entire mankind into super-smellers, it will help in not only in localizing odors but also influence external sensors by enabling smelling things one can’t smell during the usual course.

What is digital stereo nose?

  • Tiny nose-worn device
  • Wireless and battery powered
  • Turns electrical waveforms into directional smells
  • Enables smelling in stereo

The device works as a small piece of nose-worn hardware. Easily insertable, it uses tiny electrical impulses to give wearers the power of directional smell. It is a wireless, battery-powered device which uses magnets to keep itself attached to the inside of your nose. The device can be used to detect when you inhale, and then uses electrodes to stimulate your septum.

digital stereo nose stimulation research

The device uses only electrical waveform variation to produce stereo smell sensations The current implementation communicates with external sensors, and this system works pretty well even for untrained people to localize virtual smells, following electrically-induced virtual odours in a designated room.  

digital stereo nose stimulation

The new digital stereo nose is designed to serve as an assistive device for people experiencing anosmia, or loss of olfactory function, especially due to Covid-19. Researchers also suggest that, in the future, the device may make it possible to map between trigeminal stimulation and olfactory stimulation, meaning that a wider range of smell sensations could be electrically induced.

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