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Want To Learn How To Write In Hindi on Facebook

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Social media is an undeniably huge part of our lives. As a generation, we are more plugged in than ever. Most social media platforms have evolved to cater to the different needs of the people. The one social media platform that changed the way we interact with people forever is Facebook. Can you think of someone, who atleast at some point in their lives has not used Facebook or FB as it is more popularly known? We are sure, the answer is no. Facebook has taken over other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, over the last few years. 

Why Facebook is now available in Hindi and other local languages?

To expand its user base in different countries and to make it more user-friendly, Facebook is now accessible in local languages. Facebook is now available in Hindi for users who prefer Hindi over English. Given the enormous user base Facebook enjoys in India, it is no surprise that Facebook added Hindi to its access languages. Not only are the features available in Hindi, but you can also type in Hindi on Facebook. But if you are not very familiar with how to write in Hindi on Facebook, don’t worry. We are there to help you get acquainted with Facebook in Hindi.

How to write in Hindi on Facebook?

For Android phones, Facebook now has a transliteration feature. This means as you continue to type in English, your text would come in Hindi. 

Write In Hindi on Facebook

But to use this feature you will have to activate it first. With a few simple steps, you can activate the Hindi transliteration feature on Facebook. 

  • As you open the app, click on the top bar hamburger icon(the three lines) . 
  • Scroll down the menu and you will see the option of Help and Settings.
  • Under Help and Settings, you will find App Settings. 
  • Click the App settings and you will find the option for Hindi keyboard at the bottom of the screen. 
  • To activate it, click the button on the right. 
  • After activating it, go to the main page of the App.
  • Click on Status and you will see a grey keyboard with ‘’ on top. 
  • Click this button to start posting in Hindi. 

What you will notice is that the keyboard is still the same QWERTY keyboard. However, as you type the word they are all transliterated in Hindi. However, there will be quite a few errors as you begin to type. So be mindful to keep a check on the content that you are typing.

Facebook says it is working on making its Devanagari keyboard better. As more and more users begin to use it, improvements will there. The good thing though, the errors are easily rectifiable. As you continue to type, word suggestions are also made by the app. So all in all, though there is room for improvement the Hindi typing feature is great for those who want to write in Hindi on Facebook. 

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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