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Really?!! Puffed up Nacho Chip Auctioned for Rs. 44 Lakh Online

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Love Nachos? How much would you pay for a bag of your favourite Doritos flavour? Surely not Rs. 44 lakhs! Well, many would. An Australian teen has created a stir online after she found a unique puffed-up Nacho chip in her snack pack. To make things interesting, she put it up for auction online and received an overwhelming response in just a few hours. 

To everyone’s surprise, when the Australian teen Rylee Stuart uploaded a video of the bizarre looking Nacho chip on social media, it soon went viral and garnered over 2 million views in about a few hours. The Gold Coast teenager documented her discovery of the quirky Doritos chip on her TikTok account. Many viewers asked her to auction the chip online. Rylee found the idea interesting and took eBay to auction the puffed-up Nachos chip. Under the heading, ‘puffy Dorito one of a kind!’ and seller name ‘kalia2403’, the unique chip has received obnoxious bids of AUD 80,100 or INR 44 lakh approximately, all this in less than 8 hours. And believe us, the bid amount is increasing with every passing minute!

Nacho Chip Auction 1

Stuart mentioned that right when she was about to pop the chip in her mouth, something told her not to. She said, “I was about to eat it, and I thought I better save it for later.” She further joked, “Dad is saying that since he bought the packet it’s his chip, but I ate the packet and found it so I believe it is mine.”

What is fascinating is that this is not the first time a food-related item has garnered such an attractive bid online. Recently, a McDonald’s chicken nugget, which was part of the BTS meal, was sold off for Rs. 73 lakhs. The reason for its high price was that it shared striking similarities with a character from the popular game ‘Among Us’.

So, next time, when you are eating your favourite snack, be on the lookout for interesting shapes! Who knows, it might make you a millionaire! 

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