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Want to Know About the Best Gadget to Repair Christmas Lights?

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There is nothing wonderful than having a handy gadget to repair Christmas lights when they malfunction. Nothing mars the excitement of holiday decoration like a faulty string of lights. Sometimes we do not test them considering since they worked last year, should work this year too. And when they are put around a tree or windows, they fail to light up once plugged in.

Gadget to Repair Christmas Lights

Do you want to know which gadget is it? Well, it is the LightKeeperPro from Ulta-Lit Tree Company. It is a little yet very effective gadget made to repair light strings with malfunctioning bulb shunts. The LightKeeper Pro can fix different types of lights, including icicles strings as well as pre-lit Christmas trees.

LightKeeperPro 1

However, it has its limitations too. It can fix about 95% of light sets as the most common cause of failure is defective shunts but it cannot fix blackened bulbs. In a couple of bulbs malfunctions on a string of lights and are not changed, they begin to add voltage to the functioning bulbs.

The illuminated bulbs work twice as hard to light up any shall burn brighter as well but it will cause darkening or black rings on the glass. This is caused due to cascade failure happening over time and can be repaired only by replacing the bulbs in the blackened area.

About the LightKeeperPro

The gadget will come with batteries and has a few helpful features too. In the handle, there is a small compartment to store spare bulbs. It has a LED headlight to help with repairs.

The three-way bulb puller on the top of the gadget is used to pull tight bulbs out of their sockets easily. When you get the device from lightkeeperpro.com, you also get a universal battery tester. Both the tools will cost you 4 29.95.

LightKeeperPro 2

The company also manufactures LED Keeper to fix strings of the LED lights which is priced at $ 35. Since the package may take a few days to arrive after placing the order online and you do not want to wait for that much, you can get the products from retail stores like Menards, Ace Hardware, Target, Home Depot, and Walmart.

What is ScentKeeper?

You would be glad to know that Ulta-Lit Tree Company also manufactures products to make your house and tree smell like Christmas. To elaborate, people who have a fake Christmas tree on display can use the fresh-scented ornament that could be hung on the tree to give off a natural scent. There is a spray as well which can be used to make the whole house smell festive.

We hope you have liked the information we offered on the gadget to repair Christmas lights. It is quite amazing to know how this small device can prove to be such a helpful, cost-effective, and money-saver on string lights. You may buy it and share your feedback with us. And if you already have it, let us know in the comments section below how is it faring for you?

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