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Tech Firm to Pay You $200,000 to Have Your Face Imprinted on Robots

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Technology is very vast, and it has taken over everything already.

What if you get paid for allowing a company to use your face and voice for a human-like robot?

Impossible to believe right?  But this is not fake!!

A Russian robotics company is willing to pay $200,000 to a person to use his/her face for a human-like robot. According to a press release, Promobot has been “seeking a face for a humanoid robot-assistant which will work in hotels, shopping malls, and other crowded places. The company is ready to pay out $200,000 to somebody willing to transfer the rights to use one’s face forever,” per Gizmodo.

“Our company is developing technologies in the field of facial recognition, as well speech, autonomous navigation, artificial intelligence, and other areas of robotics,” Promobot said in a statement. “Since 2019, we have been actively manufacturing and supplying humanoid robots to the market. Our new clients want to launch a large-scale project, and as for this, they need to license a new robot appearance to avoid legal delays.”

Promobot’s American client will be using the robot assistant both in the Middle East and North America, with the robot’s “activities” beginning in 2023. The company has removed the project and applications that were filed from its website.

“Today we have received over 20,000 applications and our client has decided to suspend the request collection. We want to say thanks to all participants,” an update on the Promobot site reads.

How to apply for tech firm robot face application?

In order to participate in Promobot use my face campaign, just follow the procedure discussed below.

promobot face how to apply 2
  • First visit to  promo-bot.ai/media/humanoid project
  • Next fill up the form
  • You need to ensure that you provide your name, nationality, e-mail address, and other personal information
  • You will also be asked to explain why you believe you are the best for this offer
  • After this you will get an email verifying your application, and they’ll keep you updated as things progress

For the brave volunteers who agree to permanently give the right to use their face will be awarded 1.5 crore rupees. Promobot is a robotics company based in New York that is known for its terrifyingly realistic humanoid

Features of Promobot Humanoid Robot

  • External Systems and Services Connection
  • Scanning of documents
  • Communication and Question Answering
  • There are a variety of languages available.
  • Recognition of people’s faces
  • Printing Receipts and Coupons
  • Printing of photographs
  • Access Card is issued.
  • Terminal for accepting payments
  • Option for Telepresence

Benefits of this technology

Various big entrepreneurs are eagerly waiting for this type of technology. This will be the reason behind the rise in income as the technology is becoming a centre for entertainment.  The places which will see the technology as centre of entertainment are Airports, Hotels, Institutions, whether public or private, Offices for corporations, etc.

promobot face how to apply 1

The person should be 25 or above to participate in the project.

What will happen after a face is selected?

1st step

Once the face is selected for the project, the applicant will have to take a 3D model of their body and face for the robot’s external features.

2nd step

After this, the applicant will have to ‘dictate at least 100 hours of speech material’ to copy the voice.

3rd step

In the last stage, the applicant will be asked to sign an agreement. It will be licence agreement that allows ‘the use of your appearance for an unlimited period’.

This means the applicant is supposed to sell the print or digital use of his face for an unlimited period.

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