Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wanna Play with Some Virtual Reality? Apple could be your Bet!

Apple is set to finally launch an all new MR based headset. Alongside the latest tech, the headset is expected to come with features fostering well-being related stuff such as exercise as well as meditation.

The official word

The maker of the famed iPhone has not yet announced any of its MR range, but rumors around its launch around the early bit this year, are rife.

Apple has been reportedly working on the health cum wellness features for both its AR that is  augmented reality and MR, that is, mixed reality headsets.

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The giant has been playing around with this expected MR headset for long, as per AppleInsider.

A peek into the specs

  • Interestingly it would have specs such as a “wand” and “finger thimble” under its control methods. It might bring on magnetically attachable prescription lenses specially for glasses-wearers.
  • Also expected to feature on the headset is IPD Adjustment for motorized adjustment for matching wearer interpupillary distance.
  • There might be one camera for each eye to experience an avatar presence as well as for foveated rendering.
  • Around dozen or more cameras as well as sensors could freeze facial as well as body movements. Short as well as long-range scanners of LiDAR category could map surface and distance in 3D.
  • The headset will have inbuilt ability to pair with existing apps in 2D.

Looking at past news

Apple Inc. had been in talks with Walt Disney earlier, for developing Virtual Reality content to be used on its MR headset as per Bloomberg reports. It is estimated for Apple to make sales of a million units in the very first year. The California-based tech giant is not planning on a profit for this initial version though. The report also stated how Apple was working for synchronising its Apple TV+ with this MR headset.

An end note

Developed in collab with Sony Group, this headset will have a couple of ultra-high-res displays for handling all VR aspects and groups of external cams to enable augmented reality mode.

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Satarupa Bhattacharya
Satarupa Bhattacharya
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