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Walmart’s Black Friday Sale Starts

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Black Friday is almost here, it is the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is symbolically seen as the start of the critical holiday shopping season.

On this day, stores offer huge discounts on toys, electronics, and other gifts. Everyone is excited to know the timings of when different stores will open on this day.

This year Walmart will roll out another month-long Black Friday experience. Three separate promotional events will be offered by the retailers and will collectively be called “Black Friday Deals for Days”. This is being done to make sale safer for employees and customers both.

Walmart’s Black Friday Sale Starts 1

“By spreading deals out across multiple days and making our hottest deals available online, we expect the Black Friday experience in our stores will be safer and more manageable,” commented Scott McCall, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer for Walmart U.S., in a statement.

Walmart’s Black Friday hours in 2021

Walmart’s first online sale began at 7 p.m. on November 3 2021. The sale then transitioned to an in-store sale on November 5.

Now, Walmart’s Black Friday sale online portion, will go live on Monday i.e. November 22 at 7 p.m. Walmart’s in-store sale will launch on November 26 at 5a.m.

Walmart + members can shop their gaming console 4 hours early than the actual online sale. Just like last year, the safety precautions will be in effect this year, social distancing too will be encouraged.

All you need to know about Black Friday

Walmart’s Black Friday Sale Starts 2

In the US, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year. Retailers on this day, steep heavy discount on products for the customers. This helps in the boost of sale and profit. US declare it a holiday for government employees, though it is not an official holiday.

Accountants use red entries to indicate losses and black entries to indicate profit. The day is called Black Friday as businessmen see positive earnings resulting in black entries.

Best Tech Deals on Black Friday

Walmart’s Black Friday Sale Starts 3

Black Friday offers a very heavy discount on electronics and gadgets. The popular items may be short in supply this holiday season. But different stores will provide discounts on tablet, laptop, smart speaker, and Tv.

  • Amazon is offering “Black Friday-worthy deals” since early October. You can get deals on its Fire Tv Sticks and its own range of Amazon Fire Sticks.
  • Walmart has just wrapped up two savings events. and is prepping for the real deal. It will be restocking on PS5 and Xbox Series X on Nov. 22, where First dibs go to Walmart+ members.
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