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USB Cable Buying Guide for Different Devices

Having a good charger or adapter to charge your smartphone or laptop is one aspect of it. It is equally important to have a high-quality cable. Otherwise, it could ruin your device. Buying a charging cable is not as simple as it may sound. A variety of factors like standards, charging speeds, capabilities, etc. are to be considered.

USB cable buying guide for Smartphones and laptops

Best USB-A to USB-C cables

Cable Matters– Cable Matters offers affordable USB-A to USB-C charging cables. It supports data transfer up to 5Gbps only. However, the 5V charging should be enough to suffice the charging needs. The connecting ends of the cables of Cable Matters are golden in color to make them shine in the crowd.

Amazon Basics– AmazonBasics offers one of the best selections in cables. It has an amazing USB-A to USB-C double-braided cable. It is available in four different color options. Moreover, it is available in length size of one foot and three feet. The cable provides 3A charging and 5Gbps transfer speeds.

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Best USB-A to lightning cables

Anker– The Anker Powerline+ II USB-A to lightning cable is MFi certified. An exceptional substitute for the first-party iPhone cable, it is 10 feet long. It is durable and made to last long.

Apple– Undoubtedly, an iPhone is best suited to charge with an Apple cable only. If you own an older model of iPhone, then this charger is for you. However, if you are using a newer model of iPhone then you need to use another type of charger.

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Best USB-C to USB-C cables

Ugreen– If you are looking for extremely fast data transfer speeds then an Ugreen cable would be a great choice. It does not support the fastest speeds at 480Mbps. However, it charges up to 100W. The cable features a solid build and braided nylon construction. The best thing about this cable is its affordable price.

Anker– One of the best brands in the market for mobile charging accessories, its PowerLine III Plus is an awesome USB-C to USB-C cable. It is USB-IF certified and is six feet long. The cable supports 60W Power Delivery charging. The cable is wrapped in fiber from one end to another and thus can endure 35000 tugs and bends. This one is built to last for sure.

Best USB-C to lightning cables

Amazon Basics– This one is for you if you are looking for a long-lasting and durable option. This nylon-braided cable is tested to endure 4000 bends and is MFi certified. Choose from a length size of 1 foot, 3 feet, and 6 feet. Surprisingly this one is fairly affordable.

Apple– For iPhone 11 or newer models, USB-C to lightning cable is needed for charging. Apple has two options- one meter and two meters in length. This is the fastest option for almost all iPhone models. It is compatible with the 87W, 61W, and 29W adapters apart from the 20W and 18W iPhone chargers.

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Best micro-USB to USB-A cable

Anker– There are not many options when it comes to micro-USB to USB-A cables. However, if you have an older smartphone that requires a charging cable then Anker got you covered. This one is double-braided and can subsist over 10,000 bends. It is available in different colors and lengths varying from 3 feet to 10 feet.

Best Thunderbolt cables

Anker– The Thunderbolt 4 cable from Anker is Intel certified. It offers rapid 40Gbps data transfer and tops at speeds of 100W. It is backward compatible. It is 2.3 feet long which could be its singular drawback.

Belkin– The Thunderbolt 3 cable by Belkin is the fastest charging cable in this category. Enjoy 4K display resolutions and 100W fast charging with this cable. Well, 100W is way more than the fastest phones could handle. This cable is best suited for the latest USB-C charging laptops. It is 2.6 feet in length.

Hope this article on USB cable buying guide gave you a fair idea on choosing the right option for your device. Share it with others to prevent them from buying the wrong or low-quality cables.

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