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You Can Now Get Your Hands on Tangled-Free Magnetic USB Cables

Tell me something more frustrating than untangling the cable wires before using them. These tangled wires cause more problems when our devices are running out of power and we need to connect them to a charger asap!

Now, what if you get a cable that could form an arranged coil due to the magnets attached to it? It will not only save your time wasted over tangled wires but also avoid them from any sort of breakage.

Hence, it could be both time and money-consuming. 

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Looking towards the urge to have these magnetic cables, The Verge’s Sean Hollister has been testing various ‘nifty’ USB cables for long, that can magnetically stick to themselves and don’t get tangled up in bags or drawers.

Tangled-Free Magnetic USB Cables 1

And as per Hollister, the only problem with all these cables is that they are not good at all, especially when it comes to charging, data transfer, or both.

Here are the four cables tested by him:

Magnetic charging cable

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The cable has its built-in blue LED light and magnetic swappable tips for USB-C, lightning, and micro-USB. But this cable doesn’t charge most of the USB-C-supported gadgets.

Also, it has got weak coiling magnets which do not work well.

USB-C to USB-C cable

This cable is capable of charging well. Hollister says that this cable gave him 65W of USB-C PD power and had the best magnets. But the only problem with the cable was that it couldn’t connect to a Pixel 4A phone or on USB-C external drive.

Tangled-Free Magnetic USB Cables 2

USB-A to USB-C cable

He found this cable to be the worst among all the tested ones. So, this cable is not recommended at all.

USB-A to Lightning one cable

The cable was packed in an “Original SuperCalla” box even though the cable was sold by a brand known as “Tech”. It proved to be best suited for iPhone but doesn’t support fast charging for other devices.

Other than these, he tried magnetic folding Type C charging data cable, and he found this one to be the best so far. He got 15W charging which was better than all the other tested.


The last one out of the other cables that he tried seems to be good, but it is still not the best. We should wait for some good magnetic cables but for now, the magnetic folding Type C cable is good to go.

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