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Understand the Meaning of a Cat’s Meows Using MeowTalk

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A hidden treasure has been unearthed recently for all cat parents. The Meow Talk app which is available for download since November 2020 is becoming increasingly popular these days. It lets the users understand the meaning of their cat’s meows.

Issues in understanding cats

Cats have always been misunderstood animals. For most people, it is difficult to understand them. Even people who study cat behavior or spend quite a lot of time with them find them quite mysterious. They try and communicate with their owners and others to put forward their requests, but their language is often misinterpreted.

How to understand cats?

Animals have always tried to communicate with their owners in different ways. Their modes of interaction include sound-based, physical, chemical, action or action signals, etc. A cat expresses its feelings by purring and hissing as well.

One of the main ways to read and understand a cat’s thoughts is through its body language. For instance, if they have their eyes wide open, they consider it to be their playtime or want to play at that time. If you see a cat’s tail puffed up it mostly indicates its anger or agitation and sometimes fears as well. If its tail is stiff, it indicates uncertainty. If the cat is feeling love or loved, its tail would be wrapped around its side and shall remain relaxed if it wants to be friendly.

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About the app

Although cats can communicate without any words and their owners would understand as well, it is also great to know what their meows mean. MeowTalk has nine built-in general intents that include fighting, defense, happiness, anger, hunting, calling, mating, pain, and resting. The app detects the tone when the cat meows and accordingly notifies what it means.

The app can learn the specific words a cat knows. It can then modify itself to recognize what each type of meow of that cat means like asking for food among other things.

Personalized for the individual user

MeowTalk does more than just pick up meow tones to translate. It detects and matches specific meows. Since no two cats are similar, the app can be personalized to a specific cat. Moreover, the vocabulary of each cat varies. Thus, whether or not they will speak a lot or less depends on individual cats.

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This app is particularly useful because cats meow to communicate with their owners, whereas smell and body language are reserved to connect with fellow felines.

At the end of the day, this is a great app to strengthen the bond between a cat and its owner. It could also benefit the cat to live a healthier, happier, and longer life just because like everybody else being understood make things better in every way. MeowTalk is available in both the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store. This is the ultimate and best way for owners to understand their fur babies.

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