US-based electronic giant Microsoft has finally confirmed that its Xbox One will support Sky and Virgin Media electronic programme guides (EPG) in the UK. This will become possible after the company will release its next update, which it had earlier promised to roll out before the World Cup scheduled to start on June 12 2014.The Xbox One provides much ease to the user when it comes to redeeming a code for add-on or a new game.

This will enable the Xbox One owners to directly access EPG from the device itself, and you no more require a Sky or Virgin Media box for it to work either. It can now be said that Microsoft is on the right track to be your portal to Brazil this summer.

The company has also mentioned that EPGs will be pulled from other set-top boxes too. The owners are just required to plug the box into the Xbox One’s HDMI input, and it will automatically display all the information through.

The people are presently allowed to view set-top box content via the Xbox One, but the lack of EPG support disables you to take advantage of Kinect’s voice controls to go directly to your channels of choice.

After the roll out of the update, the viewers will be enabled to tweak the guide in several ways. The starters can set HD channels as their default option in order to avoid SD versions of the same channel from cluttering up your guide.

The update will also enable you to save a favourite channels list for each Xbox profile, resulting in disabling cartoon channels from interrupting your favourite movie and sports channels.

Meanwhile, the update will allow additional channels to appear in the guide, right from Twitch streaming content, to TED talks and gaming clips recorded to Microsoft’s OneDrive service.

Microsoft faced lots of criticism for its decision to sell an Xbox package sans Kinect, but the upcoming update in June that will enable voice control powers to your channel surfing could be a game changer.

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