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Twitter Shall Allow Lengthy Content Through the New Feature ‘Articles’

Twitter is working on a new feature to offer varied content options to users. The feature is known as ‘Articles’. Using ‘Articles’ people would be able to publish intricate and lengthy articles including books on Twitter.

About notes

It used to be known as ‘Notes’ previously and was launched in June 2022 for users in Ghana, Canada, the USA, and the UK. It allowed rich formatting along with support for media uploads like videos, photos, tweets, and GIFs.

More information

Fausto Chou tweeted, “@Twitter quietly renamed #Notes, which was in the experimental stage, to #Articles earlier in the day!”

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Yaroslav tweeted saying, “Twitter is testing “Notes”. While you can’t write a note at the moment, you may check some UI under the “responsive_web_twitter_article_notes_tab_enabled” flag. Go to More -> Creator Studio -> Write.”

Elon Musk tweeted replying, “This will allow users to post very long, complex articles with mixed media. You could publish a book if you want.” 

twitter articles feature 1

When would ‘Articles’ be launched?

It is yet to be known when the feature would be rolled out for users across the world. However, it is quite understandable that Twitter’s main intention for releasing this feature is to retain users due to increasing competition from Threads and Instagram.

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twitter articles feature revenue sharing

Twitter pays creators a share of ad revenue which resulted in them receiving remarkable pay-outs. Some even got a five-figure sum. Creators across the world have shared their payouts and experiences through this program. One creator received $11,820, another earned $37,050, while someone else secured a whopping $ 69,420.

Musk highlighted overall user engagement on Twitter saying an increase in “Total User Active Seconds” week over week. Active users of 87% access Twitter through mobile devices. Twitter’s CEO tweeted, “Platform usage up 3.5 Per Cent week over week.”

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick: I am a content writer with 13+ years of experience in various genres, allowing me to adapt my writing style to diverse topics and audiences. Alongside my passion for creating engaging content, I have a deep interest in esoteric knowledge, constantly exploring the mystical and unconventional realms for inspiration along with spiritual and personal growth.

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