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Truecaller’s Initiative to Protect its Users in India from Scammers

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Truecaller has taken a great step recently to protect its users in India from scammers. The company launched a verified government contact digital directory. It lets people check whether the person calling is a scammer or a government official. The new features would help in connecting with government officials. The directory also has telephone numbers of bureaucrats and ministries.

About the feature

The in-app government directory has contact details for 20 central ministries of more than 23 states and union territories. The numbers are legitimate since they are taken from official and government sources. Truecaller promises to expand the directory more with the numbers of different states and departments in the future.

Watch this YouTube video:

Plans for the future

It would even add municipal-level and district-level official numbers. Thus, when a government official would call a person, he would see a green background with a blue tick ensuring that the number is verified.

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How would the feature help?

This new feature would help people to reach out to their local authorities for any query or help. This feature is currently available for Android users. There is no information about its availability for iOS users for now.

Truecaller introduced a plethora of features like sharable smart cards. Smart SMS, urgent messages, etc. sometime back which are also helping people a lot.

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