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Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Headphone Symbol?

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We know what issue you are facing the moment you wanted to check the article on how to remove headphone symbol. It could only mean that your smartphone gets stuck in the headphones mode and would not let you play any sound using the loudspeaker. This is frustrating since you did not even plug in the earpiece yet you are being shown the headphones icon in the status bar.

Sometimes it does not even allow playing music or talking on the phone without using a wired earphone. This is yet another issue of using a smartphone but fortunately not something that cannot be solved. This article is a guide on how to remove headphone icon on Android to help you resolve the issue.

How to Remove Headphone Symbol?

remove headphone symbol

Here are some tips and tricks on how to remove headphone icon on Android that you can try:

I. Restart Your Phone: Start with the basic but the most effective trick which people often forget to do. It is to restart the phone or turn it off and back on. This step will reset the hardware state and fix any software glitches causing the issue in the first place. So, before you proceed with any technical troubleshooting reboot the phone. In most cases doing this step resolves the issue. There are other tips as well on how to remove headphone symbol in mobile.

II. Reinsert and Remove the Earphone: The next option would be to gently reinsert and remove the earphones a couple of times. This could seem like a silly practice but it works a lot of times. Plugging in and pulling out the wired earphones send a signal to the phone’s system and as a result, fix the issue.

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III. Clean Out the Headphone Port: At times the headphone jack containing a switch to detect and switch to headphone mode when the pin is inserted gets dirty and blocked. Thus, it triggers wrong inputs and continues to route the audio to the earphone even when it is removed. Gently cleaning the headphone jack or pulling out water from it if that is causing the problem can resolve the issue.

Use a slim cotton ear bud to pull out the dirt, lint, etc., or use a can of compressed air to blow in the port a couple of times. Once you are done with the turn off the phone and reboot it after 5 minutes. This trick has resolved the issue for many.

IV. Download an App: Until the time you can find a real solution for the issue or can give it for repairing try installing the app Disable headphone- Fix Earphone/Enable Loudspeaker from the Google Play Store. It is a temporary solution to get all the audios routed to the loudspeaker to let you talk, listen to music, etc. without using the headphone. This is a nice tip on how to remove headphone icon on Android when nothing else seems to work.

V. Seek Professional Help: This is the last resort if none of the tricks on how to remove headphone symbol in mobile work. A professional would always have a secret trick to resolve such issues. If the device is still under warranty there will be no charge involved as otherwise, you will have to pay a small amount. Find an authorized service center in your area so that proper troubleshooting is done.

Hope you have liked our easy but effective tips and tricks on how to remove headphone symbol from the phone. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other tricks under your sleeves to sort this issue.

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