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Three Ways to Delete Byju’s Account Permanently

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If you have decided to delete Byju’s account but do not know how then you can come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you different ways of deleting the account if it is not serving any purpose to you.

How to Delete Byju’s Account Permanently?

Follow the steps given below to delete Byju’s account through the app or website:

  • Login to your Byju’s account
  • Go to Account Settings
  • Click on the Delete Account link at the bottom of the page
  • Choose your reason for deletion
  • Click on the Delete My Account button in orange to permanently remove your account

Alternately delete the account through email by following the below-mentioned process:

  • Login to your email account that is linked with Byju’s
delete byju's account 1
  • Enter the email address support@byjus.com
  • Give the subject similar to ‘Request to Delete My Byju’s Account
  • Write an email with the request to delete your account and remove all your data from their database
  • Wait for their response and follow up when you feel the need

Delete Byju’s account via calls in the following way:

  • Open Dialpad on your mobile
  • Type in 09241333666 and make the call
delete byju's account 2
  • Request the customer care executive to delete the account
  • Let them know your reason for deleting the account on being asked
  • The account will be deleted soon once they register the request

Are you deleting the account due to the emails they send or calls they make? Well, you can choose to mark their emails as spam or unsubscribe from their newsletters. Also, call customer care and ask them to stop calling you. Hopefully, you would not be disturbed anymore. If they still do not stop or your reason for permanently removing the account is something else then you may surely go ahead with your decision.

Watch this YouTube video to have a better understanding of the process.

Now you know of multiple ways to delete Byju’s account. Thus the question,“How to delete my Byju’s account?”should not bug you anymore. If you found the article useful, share it on your social media account. Write to us in the comments section below to share your reason for deleting Byju’s account.

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